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    Something I find interesting is the similarities between the government shutdown and natural disasters such as hurricanes/wildfires/etc. I work at a financial institution and each time there was a natural disaster last year we would implement a few programs for impacted members such as deferred payments on existing loans or 0% interest loans to help people get back on their feet. Accordingly, as a result of the government shutdown, we felt compelled to initiate the same protocols, essentially indicating some level of equivalency.

    Not particularly attached to this article but it indicates a similar thought:
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    - One could argue ... all such disasters are not only man made but humanity almost requires it in some form. Like slash and burn agriculture ... where we speed up the process. Unfortunately the government shutdown is an example of us manuafacturing it imperfectly and inefficiently... it will still have a beneficial effect imo but more in line with a disaster resulting in protocols put in place to mitigate or avoid something similar altogether.

    - It's ironic and at the same the best of us that implements these programs in some way understanding that we are likely the cause of many of these disasters and we believe them even necessary but still fight against the repurcussions. Like allowing socio-economic rifts and conflicts ... then increasing aid and law enforcement at the same time. Would be akin to being a fire fighter who moonlights as an arsonist.
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    if we need it like slash and burn agriculture that means it is really bad for the enviroment and not sustainable and will eventually result in the decline of human health and habitation in the area.
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    In AZ, land is cheap, so we have huge industrial farming going on which is using up a large portion of limited water resources.

    But they don't care. They extract value/profits out of the land and by the time it's a problem they have gotten their money. It'll be someone else's problem at that point.
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