maljaran deck help plz

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  1. craig6673

    craig6673 New Member

    hi I use to play but so much has changed I even got whooped 2x last night...I lost
    so back to basics

    can some 1 give me a deck run down for each quest deck
    I can work it out from there
    my time is limited and I like to thrash it quick and unlock
    so if you know please tell me.
    also guys if you read your design document ..
    a mixed hero is shared by 2 or more factions ,this was to balance game out without nerfing
    now if I had a mixed hero so to say and I leveled it as lets say a IF deck card,it would on level 3
    become IF card and lose "suffix[mixed]" and so you not the design team so who are you as iv already finished hole game long ago? my main gole is to unlock surge so I can play surge deck.
    le ,exo ,leg only incase you lost.
    so please guys I need your help to unlock game ,cards are useless, pointless and im confused
    thanks for yor time, have good xmas
  2. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    What surge deck? What are the runes or race you're trying to unlock?

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