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Discussion in 'Training Grounds and Game Guides' started by Vorian, May 5, 2017.

  1. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Dunno, @TinyDragon played a mean Clops BG not to long ago and rolled with it. It would require a few shards, but was definitely potent. I would say easily tops the voil...
  2. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Staff of solstice is also up there for me. Or paper wings for after. You play steel wings to give them flying again.
  3. 24wellred24

    24wellred24 New Member

    And what do you recommend to pick/avoid in units, spells and relics?

    Personally, i see a viable option of using Defend the Roost as a life saver along with Moga Bartering Post near the Shrine to give regen+magical resist acting as pseudo heal. Well of course its idea on paper, but pretty useful, i think...
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  4. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    i was also trying it out, but i found that its kinda iffy to defend the roost a dieing chanp if you dont have good heal, bartering post is an ok idea, but more ideal would be a champ with better healing capabilities, which voil dont really have in theme. you can also use defend the roost on less needed champs like the pet so you get 2 extra summons and the 2 dmg from surge and the hp. But im not sure if its worth the 2x. try it out and tell me how it goes. if it gave regen 3 it would be better, but regen 2 is a quite a bit slower. if you put regen 2 on the champ, thats 25 nora for the relic, plus the defend the roost, plus the 4 nora for the train regen for like 60 nora in all just to slowley heal your champ back up, and get 2 summons. at that much nora you migh at well play another champ and let the other one die and hopfully get the nora globe. remember sp gets par of its bonus from champs dieing, so we kinda just want a steady stream of champs over saving almost dead ones, and not getting another champ out.
  5. 24wellred24

    24wellred24 New Member

    I think Devour might be a good option then. Well, there is simply too many situations where it can be used on almost dead champ while you still need a heal for others.

    Also i think Intimidation with some Voil King Krypts(that is basically 2 units for one rune, and that units can even been multiplied when using as a finisher) is a pretty good option when you have lot of bats and your opponent have fewer but stronger units.
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  6. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Sorry I didnt respond for awhile my monitor broke anyway here is a budget Voil deck.

    x2 Firebomber
    x2 Voil Bomber
    x2 Voil Sorcerer
    x1 Lance Admiral Sceian
    x1 Voil Guards
    x1 Voil Jester
    x2 Voil Stormflyer
    x1 Voil Imperialist
    x2 Voil Frenzy
    x2 Voil Queen
    x2 Voil Windstriker

    x1 Wings of Steal
    x2 Peak Tactics
    x1 Alacrity
    x1 Nublins Surprise Pies
    x2 Rip
    x1 Vertical Push

    x2 Voil Caverns
    x1 Voil Kings Crypt
    x1 Warbanner

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