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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Coltsfan3, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Coltsfan3

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    I've been out of the game for a while, and it looks like poxbox is currently offline. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to compare the value of runes for trading. Poxbox was great because you had a database of approximated value for runes so you could know if you are getting scammed or not, on top of its utility for trading runes. My concern is I will post a trade, get an offer that seems good (i.e. a powerful rune) and accept, only to find that rune doesn't have much value (perhaps because there are a ton of copies of that particular rune).
    Does anyone know of a current way to compare the value of runes, or is it anyone's guess?

    P.S. the runes I am currently looking for right now are Ironfist minister and/or attendant squire. Primarily the minister. If anyone can in some way approximate the value of those runes for me that would be awesome.

    P.S.S. if anyone can update me on whether poxbox is coming back or something or just fill me in on what happened that would also be really cool.

    Thanks a ton guys!
  2. Vash Dragneel

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    Poxbox closed down, deconder is moving on to other things.
  3. Coltsfan3

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    "Poxbox closed down, deconder is moving on to other things."

    I just saw on pb where he said something about a new trader. Is that old news and now incorrect? Or something he's still planning?
  4. Vash Dragneel

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    Its old news. Wish it wasnt.
  5. calisk

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    Value...a basis of supply and demand.

    Well not muh demand so nothing has much value, but the things people want that ate hard to get will have the highest value.

    It's like old pox in that regard figure out prices for yourself.

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  7. Coltsfan3

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    try forge prices, but generally new released runes are up to the person trading/bidding and those can take longest to come to a conclusion.

    for the runes you wanted, I honestly don't give a Bane Shift about any runes not UD or primarily Deep elf fanatics. Hell i'd take 3 or 4 DEFs cause they are the coolest rune in the whole game imo.

    Deep elf fanatics cost 250 shards to make in the forge, while gallows costs 800 and minister costs 400.

    While I could scrap all these runes I don't want I wouldn't exactly be getting the best deal for my money because of how little i'd be getting compared how much they cost to forge. Minister being only 150 to scrap which doesn't even get me 1 DEF which is almost saying the legendary i'm scraping isn't worth 1 exotic even if they were released around the same time frame.

    Take it, don't take it. I'm just trying to get some DEFs
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  9. Coltsfan3

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    Another question I have if anyone makes it this far- what is my best option for getting shards? one of the premade decks? If so, which one?
  10. Karamasov

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    By the ST starter deck "Dancers in the Snow" has the highest shard value.

    I response to you other other question. At this point any forgeable rune is almost equal value to other forgeable runes of the same set and rarity.
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  11. JaceDragon

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    I mean, everything can be forged apart from the last expansion, so imho there are difference only between the extended and core. The value is the shard value
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  12. davre

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  13. calisk

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    indeed, but they do have a value among themselves, but if your intention was to sell them i'm afraid they are worthless.
  14. greed4blood

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    For anything forgeable, just but ST 5000 gold bg in the marketplace and shard them yourself.
    The ST bg is the one that gives you more shards ST OP as always.
  15. Etherielin

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