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    Been trying to get them to work, quickly realizing their melee options are pretty terrible so that's why they play so bad. Their ranged units are superb, but melee is severely lacking. Any rush the liches see and your in for a rough game.
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    Brightmoon Lich
  3. Varthas

    Varthas I need me some PIE!

    The Liches you need to stall the game untill you are set up. Steady global damage for some time, then fester wounds before trying to nuke single targets from distance.

    The phylacteries are important in 30% of the games, but you can`t only focus on that because they have counters. So have a casual aproach to them but they easily win games when you pull it off.

    But the liches are strong without, it is all about giving it some time to set up. Vendettas are good.
    Stitched Hex Doll is very good because many liches are priests or wizards. Bone circle and Elsari Bazaar relics are very usefull. Bazaar`s are x2, start as soon as you can with Shrine Exertion, and use Tome of Hate to heal shrine up and for globals.

    If you can stall while keeping global up and opponent don`t know you are saving for a powerturn the Liches are great fun. Shrine exertion/ToH to give champion 3 ap each round is the engine that give you AP to operate on the board.
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    What runes provide phylacteries other than eternal lich and genesis lich?
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    Cleric of Unrest

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