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    Along with the talk of leveling up ourselves in game past 99. Would it be possible to level up units to higher levels? This could show off how good we are at using the unit or even give us reason to play a unit to a point. For example, x level gives the ability to name it, and y level allows us to use taunts with the unit.

    Just a little more incentive to keep playing and leveling up our guys we like to play with.
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  2. bambino

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    Until something is done with the levels,,
    99 level is dumb, and confusing,,, u can have a nub play only ai get 99,, and vet on an alt lvl3. and a new player thinks hes gonna have a better matchup against the lvl 3..
    please remove asap...
    thanks in advance.
  3. damnfoolishyeti

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    got rekt by me recently ?
  4. bambino

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    nah. crazy O.T. past 3 weeks,, lots of work,, cant pass it up....but dont worry.,, everyones gonna get a chamce to whip my ass ps4 release.
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  5. Compost

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    What's the point? Player level does literally nothing. Just a confusing number for new players to be intimidated by.

    For champ levels I'm assuming getting them higher than 3 would require use and not allow tokens, otherwise lol...
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    that's a given. I like the idea of increasing player level if some sort of reward is given and it's not as easy to increase. Maybe even a reset to give older players at 99 the chance at some early prizes.
  7. Markoth

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    I dont think units need to be able to increase their levels but it would be cool to be able to see how much Total XP they have on the back. I have runes that I know are 8+ years old and it would be pretty cool to be like "Yo my Dwarven King has 65000 exp"
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    While this could theoretically be added; I don't believe the current system allows xp to supercede the max. So your Dwarven King will still only have 200/200 XP.
  9. Markoth

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    Yeah I doubt it is storing that info yet either. I do know that cards store some info such as its issue number like "This is Dwarven King 833/XXXXX" but EXP is likely capped as you say.
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  10. Keku

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    Would definately like if the after game reward that gives each champ CP, would extend to some reward system you could check in the rune manager... idk
  11. Axeraiser

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    I wish it still showed champion print dates , that'd be pretty cool.
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  12. GemmaXylia

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    Buying 001 sporegill :eek:
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