LEs no longer in circulation

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Should LEs in abandoned accounts be removed/copied and distributed in events.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. why don't we have naming tokens yet?

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    "Marketers need to hold evidence that the supply of their products is limited and should also take care not to mislead about the extent of the limitation. The ASA has rejected complaints about products being described as “strictly limited collection” if the ad has stated the number of products available but upheld complaints if marketers seem to have exaggerated the limitation (Royal Mint Coin Club, 26 November 2003). In 1999, the Sales Promotion and Direct Response Panel considered that a promoter prepared to satisfy all demand for a so-called “limited edition” model car was not offering a genuine “limited edition”. However in 2004 a similar case was not upheld despite the ad not stating the upper limit. In this case the advertisers were able to prove that only a genuinely limited number of items (1,300) had been commissioned (JND Ltd, 31 March 2004)." QUOTED

    Are they really Limited products if there is no set MAX number that can be released? Or are they just Limited Time offers..... such as a Mcdonald's offer that comes back.

    Because there is a real difference, legally of course.

    Since there is no imposed or stated amount for these "Limited" items, it can be argued they are simply, Limited time offer products.... Which can indeed be re-released.
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    First off - damn you vile spawn of the pit. Second, you're forgiven if it's actually a swarming corgi.
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    The problem is i am 100% sure when SOE run poxnora they clearly stated Never to be released again on some lims Aria for example.(No i dont want to take the time to look up those release notes if they still exsist, you just have to trust me)

    Even if company changes ownership i think those rules still apply
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    This is too ...
  5. Bondman007

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    The absolute best solution to this problem, is, and always will be, turn them into legendaries available for all. The end.
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  6. bambino

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    collectors collect(lim vers.), and players play(leg vers.).
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    I just now recognized your profile pic.


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