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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by super71, Oct 29, 2021.

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    D'elim has always been one of my favorite themes, that being said removing devotee from base on flame mage seems kind of odd. Devotee has always suffered from having to pick between devotee abilities, and a second upgrade on most units, and the slow build up, and of course dispel.

    Also- Flame mage doesn't have devotee of d'elim, she has initiate: devotee of d'elim. Very different, as I can't recall if initiate allows the unit to use the ability on itself.

    Loved the changes to ruthless enforcer though, very cool, well done their.

    Thorn trap is probably back to being unusable, 35 nora is now the cost of a decent aoe spell. 30 nora would have been fine as that is still half a champ deploy in most instances.

    I'll do the other factions at another time maybe, I used to play mostly k'thir so this is what stood out to me first.
  2. Karmavore


    Thorn trap is always going to be good, it could be 50N and it's effects would still be felt, you'd think a lot more about using it for sure. But it's still an amazing relic.
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    Thorn trap at 35 nora will still see play

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