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    we are talking about statues.
    statues errected to remind certain people that they are lesser.
    that is the history. that will remain history. but you do not have to have it be policy.
    if you want books changed talk to the texas education board, seems to work for those that do not understand evolution.
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    To think that society progressed so far from that place that its ''the past'' is just a memory is delusional mate, have u compared the numbers of shootings that target black people or the amount of incarcerations compared to other groups. In addition how come most of them have the lowest socioeconomic status, and how come its way harder for them to get jobs compared to other groups and are getting their voting rights slowly stripped away. (( The proof ull undoubtedly ask for is just one google search away)).

    Have u ever asked urself how come its conservative republicans and mostly white supremacist that fight for those statues, and if we want to get technical those people (( Confedrates )) were traitors (( again its in the definition since they went against their own country)) so how come symbols of them are celebrated among those groups.

    Bottom line is by getting rid of the statues and the confederate flag u are erasing those people that stood up for something horrible from history as they deserve to be, but u aren't forgetting the lesson they taught u (( which u can show by supporting legislation that help decrease the social divide those groups live to this day and not just remembering their tragic past))

    To put it in modern terms if ur ex cheated on you ((betrayed you)) ud delete her from ur social media and you life in essence but you wouldnt forget what she put u through and ull learn from that mistake.
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    It is the past though, notice most younger generations could give a Firk about race anymore or religion or sexual status. It is mostly the older generations that still carry the racism, and when they die it will be almost past if we stop talking about racism everyday. Or we can keep talking about it and it will continue on for another generation or two or forever.

    You do realize that more white guys are shot and killed every year by police correct ? We can sit and argue about economic problems, which is why African Americans can't get jobs, however you need look no further than check to see who controls most large cities in the states, they are primarily Democrat. Now if I were a Democrat, the easiest way to control African Americans would be to make them depend on government money and handouts, that way I could keep getting my votes. You could argue based on numbers that more African Americans are killed on a larger scale given the population of African Americans to whites, but then again this is less about police racism and more about social and economic problems which you yourself hinted at. African Americans commit more crimes due to the economic disparities, this is also why I never took the white privilege thing seriously because it's always been economic privilege and not white privilege. Will my kids be as privileged as Micheal Jordan's or Lebron Jame's kids will be, of course not.

    Those symbols aren't celebrated by Conservatives, i'm conservative and I acknowledge they are simply a reminder of past mistakes never to be repeated. I think removing said statues is foolish because in a generation or two are history books will be changed enough to where it will almost be like it never happened, the same thing that happened with the Indians. Slowly erasing history, sure i'll remember it and maybe my kids will but 50 years, or 60 years, with the way history books are being changed nobody will remember what this country was built on and that is a scarier thought to me than a statue.

    Also, who just pushed for prison reform again, which was something to help African American communities, who ended slavery again ? Ah republicans, right. Also it is well known that the confederates back in the day were primarily Democrats and all owned slaves.

    "The Senate passed the amendment on April 8, 1864, by a vote of 38 to 6; two Democrats, Reverdy Johnson of Maryland and James Nesmith of Oregon voted "aye."

    36 republicans voted for it, and only 2 democrats.

    "Republicans portrayed slavery as uncivilized and argued for abolition as a necessary step in national progress."

    Please do you research before you come at me looking like a fool
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    - Odd, why didn't you mention a privileged fortune 500 executive or business mogul as your example? 2 examples who's wealth is based on peak physical athletic ability is a whole other fun topic to explore.
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    That works for me also man, my kids will never be as privileged as Zuckersburgs kids or Gates or Trumps kids. Better ? I mostly used that comparison to show that even though they are African American, their children's economic upbringing will be far better than my kids will be, which leads to a more privileged life. It's never about race privilege but economic privilege and that is the point i'm making.
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    - Umm not really but makes what I said more humorous. I guess my point is, it is interesting that your privileged examples for African amercians were pigeon holed to wealth based on physical athletic ability... and when I pointed it out you made it "better" by picking moguls and businessmen who are all white.
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    That was a nice attempt at dodging all the logic and facts he had in his response lol.. let's pretend like you didnt dodge it and see a valid rebuttal to his arguments PLEASEEEEE.

    If you cant invalidate what he is saying, shouldnt you consider the possibility that he is right???

    (Please dont dodge my question toooo)
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    Why do people who cant vote in American elections have so much to say about American politics? In case you haven't been paying attention, we dislike interference by foreigners. Seriously, is there any real difference between 'Russian collusion' and game devs using their forums to spread political propaganda?
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    The point still stands regardless it is irrelevant who I pick, and how is it pigeon holed ? Their are more White Business moguls most likely, but their are many more African American professional athletes who are billionaires now and then become business moguls. My point is the more money you have the more privilege you have, which is the point i'm making, race has little to do with privilege, and I believe status and money hold more power than race ever has.

    We are more balanced now in terms of race and gender than we ever have been, to argue that would simply be a lie. When I say more balanced, I mean women and different races have just as many opportunities for jobs, advancement, and money as they have ever had in America's lifetime which is very true, i'd say at times it can actually be balanced more heavily in favor of someone that's a female, or a different race. A lot of companies hire different races now simply to seem like they aren't racist, instead of just hiring people that are good for that position. In my opinion this in itself is racism, why ever have the need to improve and better oneself if you can just be handed something because of your race. You could argue that the same thing used to happen for white males, but again companies never hired white guys to not seem racist or fill a select number of positions with a certain race, because the majority wasn't another race.
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