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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by themacca, Oct 24, 2016.

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    LMAO I'll tell you what, you tell me how vampires gain advantage from dying, I'll stop posting for a month.

    BTW, I realize high elo players can be literally autistic savants like rain man. But if someone (edit: 1300 elo player)is going to ridicule my understanding with something and not present an argument, I might as well respond by posting memes.
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    A new player Ridiculing someone's understanding based on their rating is absolutely ridiculous. Just thought i'd give you a heads up

    And FTR my win ratio is above 50% i started this game when i was 12 and obviously lacking the intelligence to play this game well, a year ago my win % has gone up from mid 30's to above 50 so that's how consistently i win when i actually try.

    Now onto something relevant.

    FW Bonus Benefits

    Allows for extra Deck versatility because 2x runes are not as necessary, this became even more of an advantage after the mulligan system was introduced.
    Any time you've had a ranged unit be able to constantly sit at back while any kind of meat is constantly blockading the way towards it, thats the FW bonus doing it's work
    Allows you to redeploy units such as blood phoenix and benefit from global effects much more consistently. If you're running vampyres you should be using phoenix by the way, haven't seen you deploy that one yet and yes i have been watching your games.

    Fact is, it's true. You're new you don't have a full understanding of the game, instead of constantly throwing this attitude "i am a god" personality around try being a bit humble and listening to people more often and you'd find it a lot easier to understand things more often.

    And vampyres lose cause they just have bad mechanics, not because "they don't have a bonus"
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    actually, its even more ridiculous when I don't even have a blood phoenix, or "worms" and have to get by with a 50$ collection (pre DOG avatar cost included), limited experience, and somehow manage to do well because I am so inherently gifted.

    But you make a good point about blood phoenix, and its almost as if I was suggesting a card that would do exactly as blood phoenix did in my previous post, only you told me off as to not having an understanding of the game.

    You miss the point of deck versatility. The reason deck versatility is valued is because it helps you win a game. With vampires, you win by snowballing, due to life steal mechanics. Life steal works the same in almost every strategy game: it is insanely powerful if ahead, and if there is no CC. The same is true in pox nora. Vampires need to snowball to victory, not lose units. You gain stats via thirst for battle or prolonged fights in which you gain value by healing your damaged hit points back to full constantly. Which is why i said mobilization helps, but is hardly the same as having an actual bonus.

    The FW BONUS WILL NOT HELP , since their units DON'T want to die, ASIDE FROM BLOOD PHOENIX, A LOW HP SUPPORT UNIT. You gain nearly 0 versatility from the FW bonus, since if a core vampire dies, you lose. The only versatilty you DO gain from the vampire theme is from low health support units, which there are 1 thematically.

    You can't balance a theme which has a bonus that should be "make use of dying" and a playstyle of "don't die at all costs".

    EDIT: as for experience, I've been playing RTS since war 1, over a LAN with computers stolen from work, running on DOS, and my father was into tabletop minatures.... I've landed diamond and masters in sc2, and plat 3 in solo Q LoL, as well as played with players like reginald, dyrus etc heavily during beta. The same concepts in one game are carried over to another, its not hard to believe some player who is only playing for 1 month can be more skilled than another (not saying I am btw)
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    Why can't we have cool art like the old vamp anymore.... everything seems so PG these days. When soe took over the art deff got more cartoony less violent/sexual/adult/occult/dark. They are really strict and have a large demographic to appeal to. but I figured once soe got rid of it how many players would like to see some of these "mass apeal" things dropped and the maturity of the artwork brought into line abit? I would like it alot more if the artwork was more violent/dark/mature ect..... Just a thought and yes, inb4 insex.
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    I had something all written out about how it's more about the artist and less about the tone of their artwork. I'm definitely happy a lot of these artists still get commissioned. A lot of greats

    However now that Poxbase is dead searching by artist is no longer possible and that was honestly my favorite way of finding out new runes when returning to the game. Always hopefully for a better database
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    I'll read that when I'm home. Dispel is one thing, there are actually quite a few anti supers around, drown, doom, forbidden fruit, then there's damage nukes like gale force, spells like fading recollection, and equipment which destroys single target usability. On top of normal things like resistance physical or immunity magical, mirrored.

    You can't really put all your eggs in one basket, it is very hard for it to pay off. The ones that due well we're runes which were unintended to be supers in my experience, and they have aoes with like a medal valor.

    I actually prefer to see doom rather than drown or forbidden fruit / fading recollection . At least you can use your champion for a few turns that you worked so hard to make.
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    Btw, according to themacca, I'm actually a more "need to be limited" poster than you. It doesn't mean much until I collect all 7 dragon balls however.
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    I find you both equally absurd tbh, you're only up the top so all the first letters of each name can spell Dr Moist
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    Equal? I'm honored.
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    I feel like I need to up my game then, can't be falling behind in this category.
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    Also I really like the idea of building vamps around stealth, board control (mindwipe aura, charm, mind control, fear etc.) and hit and run tactics.

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