I'm such a fan of letting clearly BS tier bgs exist for months

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BurnPyro, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. potatonuts

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    I think one reason for zombies' recent success is the changes to maps, It's also something people probably aren't taking into account. I remember a long period of time where a large amount of my losses with zombies could be attributed to the fact that I couldn't get to my fonts before my opponent. With the current state of maps a 5 speed champ is very rarely a hindrance and I've even found some situations where Afflicted Corpses have been able to get to the font in timely fashion.

    Overall the theme is very strong in places but I think the map/match up lottery can play heavily into their favor and due to their snowbally nature this often results in one sided games. I won't deny that some nerfs are warranted but I'm worried that things which are essentially unrelated to their power level will skew the perception of how strong they really are.

    I'd hate to see something like Rotwrapper (which is such a great rune for the theme) get buried by unreasonable nerfing. In fact I'd hate to see that for any of the runes mentioned in this thread....except Screecher, Firk that thing.
  2. BurnPyro

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    Or, you know, because a bunch of zombies are incredibly overefficient hp monsters that probably shouldn't have 1,5x to 2x hp to nora ratios
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    Trample still OP
  4. darklord48

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    I'm going to try sonic surge with zealotry when I get back to town.
  5. potatonuts

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    I don't see how that's relevant to my point, did you not read my comment fully?

    Unless you just wanted to circlejerk over the obvious issues.
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  6. BurnPyro

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    Well, I was trying my hardest not to go in on the claim that rotrapper was balanced
  7. Cydna

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    You do realize that Sok is a reasonable guy and will work with you for a proper nerf, right?
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  8. Sokolov

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  9. Netherzen

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    I am sure it will be solved in a patch when it arrives in few months or next year.
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    About Voils...
    In my opinion, they have too much inner synergy. Boost+banner+WoS raise the HP of summoned bats, and summoned bats raise the stats of the other voils: this is quite an unique situation in the game at the moment, and I don't think the strenght of the combo lies in Bulwark and Surge. As a first step, I would change the summoned bat race to be Beast only: this would allow voil to have their meat shield on the fields without scaling their own stats.

    About Spirits...
    They are a step behind voil due to the lack of HP boosts, but they can easily field a lot of stuff and gain damage from boost. The pending change to Arroyo portal should help, but I would also change something about Lich Magistrate and Arroyo Eye: Restless Soul to one trigger per turn (and Revenant with no upgrade), and Eye with Split instead of Replicate.

    About Skywing...
    Screecher needs a cost hike (to be honest, i think Reinforce itself needs it, from -10 to -5) and, due to the AP generation coming from Dragon Flight, the theme should lose access to Initiative 2. This would make them less rushy early game.
  11. Sokolov

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    That's more or less what is happening exactly, among other things.
  12. Ballballer

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    I still think spirits are greater than or equal to voil
  13. potatonuts

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    Read the words that are actually in that sentence and you'll see I made no such claim.

    You're obviously just taking what I said out of context.
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  14. Lushiris

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    Happens every single release(Expansion and Midterms):

    1-Something is released;
    2-we all complain;
    3-I use my incredible charm and eloquence to convince people to wait some time to see if things really are broken;
    4-they ignore everything I said and are already making threads 2 hours later;
    5-nothing changes because Sok isn't a freaking magician that can pull off massive patches on a whim(and that wouldn't be advisable anyway);
    6-next week something OP pops out of nowhere because not everything is super obvious, aaaand we are back to step 1 - rinse and repeat until next rune release.

    The rune synergy an expansion allows isn't something that can be fixed in a single patch, but those of us without a calm mid just jump into the self righteous train, thinking things won't ever be set right if they don't repeatedly complain about them every single day.
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    somebody put a mutated drake in poxbox pls.
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    And that's not even mentioning threads that call for completely unreasonable never-going-to-happen only-the-thread-maker thinks them nerfs and the threads calling entire factions op/up that pop up every week or so....
  17. Excalibur95

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    just a random. how do you feel about throne of the circle relic giving spell resistance and magic nova 3 to every champ you own in a magic amp included deck?

    that op enough for you, no ones really talking about it so i guess it must be an unreasonable never going to happen request and i shouldnt bother making a nerf thread about it then.

    we should have free speach to speak our mind even if the herd doesnt agree with us.
  18. Excalibur95

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    what is stopping people from ignoring any nerf threads they do not agree with instead of feeling they must respond and with trolling.
  19. Pattn199

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    That's not how this forum works mate, trolling is a must!!

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