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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Geressen, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    Next to a burial mound dated between 3000 to 500 BC

    Where are you guys at?
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  2. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

    lencois maranhenses national park, north east brazil.


    Though it's the dry season so it's not that spectacular. Also full of French kiteboarders, and leeches.
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  3. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty


    French leeches are the worst.
  4. Vash Dragneel

    Vash Dragneel The King of Potatoes

    Just at home chilling.
  5. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    i'm waiting for a sponsor to test a boardgame i made that they want to release next year.
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  6. MrBadguy

    MrBadguy Guest

    Post it here so I can buy it.
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  7. iPox

    iPox Forum Royalty

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  8. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    as soon as they print, i'll surely do it.
  9. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    i have another abstract one i think you would enjoy ;)
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  10. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    at the moment i have this filler like game going into production, an abtract game i'm making for a big game-designing contest next year, and a RPG diceless narrative system that im developing for a scifi/fantasy literature editor in Milan... if i manage to get anything published, i'll contact you^^
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  11. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    wait wait, contact him, not make a thread so we can all see your game and maybe buy and play it?

  12. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    he asked so I'll contact him^^ i would anyway make a thread so you all can buy my stuff, of course!
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