If you are Going to Make Pox 2.0

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vorian, May 6, 2018.

  1. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Make it a Naruto version.
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  3. LoserSlick

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    naruto is garbage. got drunk one night and spent 60 bones on steam for the "naruto" fighting game (again, was drunk, and had an attack of nostalgia relating to the old PS1 game RIVAL SCHOOLS... lol anyone remember that?)

    naruto game was complete trash

    lol even the anime is trash

    (not sorry)
  4. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    The idea is actually not as stupid as it sounds.

    Any major superhero franchise has firkload of already designed characters with art/models/animations available for reuse (or at least reference), and even lesser ones provide huge marketing boost to anything.

    However finding developers capable of cloning pox mechanics is thousands times easier, than finding a lawyer capable of getting a license or keeping an unlicensed game afloat from the shadows.
  5. MrCharles

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    No thanks
  6. Morfeas

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    chat spam Kappa123
  7. PoxBot

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    They could always just publish from china.
  8. LoganMkv

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    Afaik only domestic market is immune, if you want to go international you still publish in china, but have to do a lot more to keep it alive.
  9. PoxBot

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    @Vorian You see this, Vorian? No Naruto for you.

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