IF/SL Paladins?

Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by vipoid, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. vipoid

    vipoid I need me some PIE!

    I recall people mentioning IS/SL decks a while back. Are these still viable?

    If so, would someone be kind enough to either post me an example BG or at least tell me the key runes for such a deck?

    I've looked at previous threads but they've all showed their decks via Poxbase (which no longer exists).
  2. Xuldorl

    Xuldorl I need me some PIE!

    Take everything I say with a grain of salt. That out of the way, lets see:

    First, there are only 2 SL Paladins in the game, Draksar High Marshal and Judge Torien (who you can only have 1 of in a BG). If you commit to paladins ONLY.. You arn't getting much in the way of IS spells and such, so I advise looking at the few things of that realm that have specific interaction with paladins. Holy Blade of Valdac or Burning Crusade, for instance.

    I do advise making use of Taint from SL, in part because you want to be able to use Violence in your few true Draksar, and because of interactions like this: Northern Cross Militia's enlightened + Taint's Regeneration 3 = +12 hp at the start of each of your turns.
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