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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kuba, May 24, 2020.

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    ......there is some changes in Pox.
    Where are the swamplers? Seriously!!! Where are they? From like 3-4 weeks i am playing and observing games and litterally seen maybe 2 games that players playing FS.
    What happend to the skills, racials that some runes have always as basic?
    Boon of Undead, Salamans fire immunity, Relics and Avatars Poison/Diesese immunity etc...Was that to powerfull that they remove it?
    Seriously what happend to Shatter Summons skill? From destroying - it does now like poorly 10 dmg? WTF This big nerf tells me now like to playing summons all the time.
    Is there anyone who work on this game now?
    And most important - Welcome back. I missed this!
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    summons aren't that great, many ways to counter them - usually running a ritual champ, battle leader, or swarm.
  4. profhulk

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    Certain champions have a sacrifice ability called Ritual of Destruction that will single target one summon and insta kill it.

    Champions that can use ritual of destruction

    -Bone Circle Archmage
    -Cyclops Ritualist

    Oh and the Foraken Wastes equipment called
    -Bone Circle Staff grants Ritual of Destruction ability.

    The two other anti summon abilities are

    -Shatter summons(15 dmg aoe)
    -Disbelief(10 dmg)

    Here is a link to a really good player made rune database.


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