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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by graldavo, May 31, 2017.

  1. graldavo

    graldavo The King of Potatoes


    When i try to log this message prevent me, what cai i do?
  2. CcCTurKCcC

    CcCTurKCcC The King of Potatoes

    me too.
    Did the old client deactivate?
  3. Jeouno

    Jeouno Member

    Same problem here
  4. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    install and use the new client https://www.poxnora.com/download.do
    the old client did stop work 2017-05-31
    havent seen any green posting about that it is closed for good though
  5. graldavo

    graldavo The King of Potatoes

    The old client client doesnt work anymore, sokolov tell me that, but i cant enter to the new, when i try to do it a message appear that say something about a problem of compatibility, its been already a week that i have that problem
  6. Toragewarrior

    Toragewarrior New Member

    Was having the same issue, but was able to get on with the new launcher. Thanks for the link, Hierokliff!

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