Hysteria, Politics & the Death of Science

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    An example of the newest fanatical religion follows, and it relates to the Zika virus:

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    Seriously DarkJello? you saying that with the benefit of hindsight and a completer picture you can make better decisions than people 55 years ago and that trying not to have species go extinct is a political ideology?

    well I'll one up you and say that I could go back several more decades and stop the assasination of archduke ferdinand thus preventing the first and second world war. obviously people there all abandoned sense in the interest of political and ideological goals.

    Also remember DarkJello:
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    environmentalists are the new astrologers
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    DDT is still banned today. So much for science.
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    Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants is an international environmentaltreaty, signed in 2001 and effective from May 2004, that aims to eliminate or restrict the production and use of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
    the treaty specifically permits the public health use of DDT for the control of mosquitoes.

    I don't get the problem... you saying we should kill all insects without regard for nature?

    You also don't get to complain about (international) politics being slow when your election campaign takes like an entire Firking year or longer.

    also I'd prefer we'd err on the side of caution concerning adding things to the enviroment, I'm sure a libertarian such as yourself sees no harm in not having any rules against polution and dealing with things like having the very act of breathing air becoming a healt hazard รก la China
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    When did I say "all" insects?

    DDT will save millions of lives and prevent many 10s of millions of infections annually. Those opposed to DDT are at odds with science and the value of human health and human life.

    A few years to decide the next POTUS is wise. Thank the stars communism ain't a thing here.

    Of course I want to conserve and improve the planet. Doing nothing while lots of brown and black people suffer and die seems heartless. The hysteria and fake compassion I have observed by many claiming to be environmentalists is uber unfortunate.
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    jesus christ can you even read?

    this means that instead of spraying DDT everywhere and killing any insects indiscriminatly untill they build up a resistance to DDT you only use DDT to controll mosquitoes ( the things carrying the things that make you get the ill)

    the thing is china has bad air quality because they didn't make any rules for the enviroment and the ones they have are easily circumvented by bribes. not having rules to protect the enviroment is not a solution. it is madness. again you try to make a common sense public health issue into a political/economic ideology issue wich it is not.

    how conceited are you that you resort to calling people racist?
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    Many decades later some finally realize DDT was legit all along. The damage is done. It will probably take 10 generations before I stop demanding reparations for the disenfranchised.

    DDT was banned by politicians in spite of the scientific data and testimony. My pointing out such a sad state of affairs is factual. Don't shoot the messenger. No histrionics please.

    I certainly hope malaria et al will be greatly reduced. Si se puede!
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    DDT was never banned for use against mosquitoes.

    Firking hell DJ why don't we take the easy route to eradicate malaria and simply kill all the humans it needs to procreate.
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    great so now it's the word of 4th rate 'news' sites against the goverment.
    lets take 750 pregnant ladies and feed 250 larvicide, give 250 zika, and 250 control group and figure this out once and for all.
    I'm being told now that that would be unethical.
    Thanks Obama.
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    They should all have the same father to eliminate a paternal variable. I'll volunteer.
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    obviously you cannot impregnate 750 women in the fun way in a short timespan as this is an unreliable method wich is why women are eligible for IFV treatments after only a short period of failing to get pregnant ( while trying) artificial means will have to be used.

    but this opens up a great oppertunity for a diffirent research project, while Darklord will suply the materials for the research we shall have him harvest the items while in a room without wifi or electronics and a few chosen images of fetishes that are not his own. (we shall before and arfter the 'work' measure this) and observe if any changes occur in his preferences.
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    DDT Ban Takes Effect

    [EPA press release - December 31, 1972]

    The general use of the pesticide DDT will no longer be legal in the United States after today, ending nearly three decades of application during which time the once-popular chemical was used to control insect pests on crop and forest lands, around homes and gardens, and for industrial and commercial purposes.

    An end to the continued domestic usage of the pesticide was decreed on June 14, 1972, when William D. Ruckelshaus, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, issued an order finally cancelling nearly all remaining Federal registrations of DDT products. Public health, quarantine, and a few minor crop uses were excepted, as well as export of the material.

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    yes and since dengue, malaria and zika are such huge problems in the US luckily the use of DDT to fight these diseases trough the eradication of their vectors is still alowed.

    thanks for proving my point.

    I know it's hard, The Netherlands where I live thankfully has been declared malaria free by the WHO since the 70's though the domestic malaria occurances had probably dropped to insignificant numbers way before that

    wait a second according to these malaria and dengue don't occur in the US either!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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