How to be a better player in Pox Nora

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gnomes, May 21, 2018.

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    A little video i made saying most of the points i think newer players should know in order to improve. if you have any additions then go ahead and add below.
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    You know one day, when I was contemplating the magnitude of my grandeur, I've come up with the most succinct and eloquent formula for getting good...

    git gud
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    i followed that formula 7k games later i am still not gud
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    jokes on you i read bottom to top
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    Traditionally, tips for getting good usually revolve around certain mechanics. "Retain 4 ap per champ at the end of a turn. Run a well-rounded deck with cleanse, champ control, flyers, magic damage, supports, heavy hitters for melee and range, etc." However, I think it can also be beneficial to reflect over mental rules when tackling Pox. While obvious when explicitly stated, I don't see them articulated often.

    Note that there are situations in which these should be broken. Part of becoming good involves knowing when those situations are. These are just general rules that could help starting players.

    1. Take your time. Not just to spend on calculating the most optimal move set. It can be easy to pump out moves without thinking about why, i.e. going through the motions. If you want to improve, you have to track the moves you've made and reflect post-game on where you could've done better. This may mean you should switch to a deck that is more mentally intensive or engaging. You'll probably lose more than usual at first, especially if the previous deck was carrying you somewhat. The process is tedious but it can be fun to explore the game more thoroughly.

    2. There is only one win condition. Play whatever you want, but keep in mind that the sole goal of the game is to eliminate the opponent's shrine. You can do whatever gimmick you want (superchamps, some form of attrition, etc.) but if it isn't conducive to the previously stated goal in most situations, then reevaluate the deck. Superchamps can be countered or ignored easily on multi-lane maps, attrition requires set-up and is prone to rushing, other gimmicks rely on a certain sequence of draws. As much thought, if not more, should be put into deck construction prior to the game starting as is put into decisions made during the game. A balance of thought between tactics and strategy is helpful.

    3. Ignore the opponent's rating. If the opponent has a low rating and you want to go on autopilot, you might be disappointed. Don't assume your opponent is an idiot and you can get away with unsound moves. If the opponent has a high rating, don't be intimidated or go for unorthodox strategies or hail marys (at least not out of the gate). Play a mechanically solid game of Pox and don't preoccupy yourself with ratings which may not be indicative of skill.

    4. Don't gloat about wins / Don't sulk over losses. Every game is different and should be approached objectively. You may be on a win streak, but recognize that the contexts in which those wins occurred may outweigh skill and don't get ahead of yourself. A lot of games are decided in the first 3-5 rounds depending on map and draws (though there is luck to this, keep in mind that mistakes can be made in deploying one champ over another, potentially better, choice). Losing is fine if you're making efforts to improve on repetitive mistakes. Take it easy, slow down if needed, watch some games to cool off.

    5. Don't push to label your play style. Playing UD doesn't have to be kill or die. You don't have to pigeonhole yourself as an offensive player who must only attack, rush, attack every game. Being well-rounded may suit you better, and a natural tendency towards specific styles of play will organically express itself. Limiting yourself to a specific archetype will only suppress the space of moves available and you could unwisely discard good moves or miss them completely in favor of over-valued bad moves.

    6. A bad plan is better than no plan.

    7. Be careful you don't overextend.

    8. Don't be overeager to 'get back' at the opponent. If your opponent outplayed you for a round and took the mid-font or took out a champ, launching an outlandish counterattack isn't always the best maneuver and you could put yourself in a worse position than if you had collected your bearings and planned for the long-term.
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    - Where is the tip...

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    Logged in to these dead forums just to give a like. Great explanation that can be used for many games

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