How long do we think 'Coming Soon' means this time?

Discussion in 'K'Thir Forest' started by kagebunshn, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. kagebunshn

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    It practically became a meme for The Ronin...

    How long do we think it will be this time?
    They seemed to be more assuring this time that we wouldn't have to wait long. This time at least they have a couple more programmers, and the Steam launch had to have taken a lot of their attention the last time. Maybe it will only be a month?

    I like having Sok around actually looking around the forums and soaking in community feedback and sharing more info than the other owls. I especially like the fact he seems honest when he flat out says "Yeah I didnt have time to finish that this time." Non-robotic answers are a big plus in my eyes.
  2. JellyBerry

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    SoonTM is now meaningless because they're actually delivering things in time now. It's one of the things worth noting that have changed recently.

    It seems we can now expect things to be released in time.

  3. chickenpox2

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    why isn't this in general discussion ?
  4. Poxlife

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    By the first week of may
  5. Sirius

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    I'm expecting 3 weeks tops from now.

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