How does the "Top Faction Players" tableboard work in faction overview?

Discussion in 'Training Grounds and Game Guides' started by Etherielin, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Etherielin

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    I've been browsing that place for a few days and I don't understand how it works. Xirone is a #2 top KF contributor this season and yet I'm somehow showing up as higher than him, while having a lower rating. What does it base its hierarchy on?
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    Hey, that's not how you're supposed to do it Etherielin! When your the top player your supposed to be a snarky rude indivual who takes every advantage to look the coolest. You don't just ask why your the best, you just assume your amazing and lord it over everyone.
    (Seriously though, props to you for being honest about not thinking you deserve the top spot with how you understand the rankings. I like you more with every thread you make XD)
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    I sometimes whine a lot but then learn to be humble. It helps. Also it's "you're". The rest I can live with, but my inner grammar **** is killing me because of 'your'. :p
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    At least you admit your inner grammer **** is a **** :p. Tbh that's the only negative aspect I've seen. You actually helped me realize I might have been going a bit to hard on my anti- nonsense nerf threads rhetoric, with that huge thread of yours requesting a nerf to a faction you played. Your disclaimers where so huge and unreasonable they nearly doubled the length of the thread- however they were only unreasonable, I realized, because that's the most reasonable way to stop people like me from being annoyed.
  5. 4NIK8

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    Idk if you've got the answer to this already, but pox measure your rank in two different ways.

    One is by the Elo rating (which you pointed out Xirone is higher then you), which is the net result of the experience you get from wins and losses.

    The other is your contribution to the faction war drum, which is measured by the sum of your total "victory points" with that faction. So when you win a game while playing a certain faction (FF or Split) you get points (you can see those in parenthesis in your profile).

    You having higher contribution then him means you won more games with that faction then him. Note that this doesn't consider your losses. So you played more games with a lower winrate.
  6. Etherielin

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    I've already worked this out and it seems to prioritise rating over contribution. It's Drums of War where it's the reverse.

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