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  1. krpa

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    could any1 suggest any full fw bg that could include general korsein in it I really like that rune. I know it is an old rune so any theme or bg it could run with is great? any help is welcome :)
  2. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    I will when i get home from work.
  3. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    Okay so

    1x Bone Circle Archmage Augment Creation/Oblivion Shield
    1x Brightmoon Lich- Punish/Vuln Magic
    2x Broken Bones- Rabid/Split
    1x Dark Knight- Res Phys 3/Throw Axe
    1x Death Harvester (Important)- Dead Eater/Detection 3
    2x Essence Devourer- Horrific Aura/Berserk Attack 1
    2x Eternal Lich- Dark favor 2/Anthromancy
    1x General Korsien- Trample/Res Magic 1
    2x Genesis Lich- Consume/Vitality: Creation
    1x Serkan, Lich Master- Frost Cone 3/Vengeful
    2x Wandering Zombie- Rabid 1/Resistance Physical 3
    1x Xulos, Undead Sage- Dark Favor 3/Vitality: Creation

    Essence Drain
    Hungry Dead

    Elsarin Vex
    Skull of Decay
    Unholy Tomb

    Bone Circle Staff



    Low Average Nora cost of 55
    Late game Scaling
    Strong Physical Damage hate
    Efficiency Buff

    Slightly weak Early Game
    Potential Draw Buggery
    Battle Leader Buggery
    Swarm Buggery

    Explanation of Synergy
    Idea behind why i made this specific BG is due to his multiple forms with a nora cost. When either his first or second form dies death harvester will refund the 7 nora for each of his lives (Effectively reducing cost of the multi life units by 14 nora). The same applies for Dark Knight, Genesis Lich, Eternal Lich, Brightmoon Lich and Wandering zombie (albeit only 6 for him). Outside of that, with death harvester i am running dead eater allowing him to get extra value out of nora globes since you generally want him sitting at the back so you don't lose your refund you can leave him near your graveyard which thanks to essence devourer will be dropping a skeleton every 2 rounds. Which the globe is worth 8 nora if you pick it up with harvester (+ the 1 from death harvest) Death harvester will be essentially netting you a guaranteed 9 nora per 2 rounds once you have your ED/GY train Rolling. PLUS any additional nora you'll gain from your unit deaths. Outside of that 2x vendetta's will allow your ranged liches to pick up extra damage from your cheap spam and GY deaths. And if they should die the cost of the vendetta will be refunded thanks to soulsift and they'll come back to life anyway (assuming you have a phylactery out).
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  4. kalasle

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    Nope, his second form is a clone, despite the lack of documentation.
  5. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    one of those runes we wish he was as good as he looks. as strong as his lore is cool. that nora cost for what he dose, makes xulos want to drain him.
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  6. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    nah xulos is scared of korsien. Lore confirmed
  7. darkpally5

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    Think Tome of Hate would be a good idea given all the shrine damage this bg causes?
  8. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    i would only include a tome of hate if i run an elsari bazaar (which is definitley something to consider) shrine exertion is the only consistent shrine damage in the game now that allows you to consistently dish out the global damage
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