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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Pylat, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Pylat

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    I've been playing SP mostly, and I've noticed one of the new 'archetypes' is Arroyo, and they're split-faction with SP. I'm not good at building BGs yet, and I've really never used FW extensively. Any cards I have I got from the tutorial. What I'm guessing off the bat, with minimal understanding of FW though, is that I should build Arroyo with spirits like Utterdark, or with the Peaks Elementals. I might try both, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm gonna try it out pure first.

    At any rate, I've amassed 3779 shards so far and I'm sure I can make another 5000 in a week or so. I'm ready to forge/trade to build this deck. Can anyone help me figure out what I'll need?
  2. MaruXV

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    hi! arroyo are spirit/elementals so you can focus on that. also don't fix on playing fw/sp arroyo. you can easily build only sp or only fw. sp has some nice elementals, fw some nice tools for spirits. sp elementals runs a lot of arroyos.
  3. Fentum

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    SP elementals are good fun.

    Peaks Ifreet, Storm Bunny are versatile.

    Add arroyos for flavour.

    Slam champs into little summons.
  4. Pylat

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    Here's what I've been able to piece together from some previous threads and meta talk. Didn't have enough shards for the Lich Magistrates, but that's ok. I also sort of refuse to remove the orbs or Echo completely. This was my compromise. I'm keeping one Smokeform just in case he might be worth using after all... Here are my thoughts so far though.

    Echo is seriously kind of weird. Ethereal can help and hurt in situations. Need to cross a chasm? Echo can do that... in 1 round. Looking to attack? Echo can do that... in 1 round. Echo's just strange

    The 4 SPD on Eye SUUUUUUCKS. Love the abilities, though.
    Riftlord is one of the backbones of the Bg, I can tell. calling in a DMZ and summoning 3 rift spirits is great. Wish it didn't cost so much AP.
    Riftwalker hasn't dazzled me that much. The teleport effect seems cool, I guess.
    Shadestriker da real MVP. They're lvl 1 so I can't give them Surge: Spirit yet, but I can already tell they'd slaughter with how much gets summoned.
    The portal is great and Rift Spirits are awesome, but honestly, I wish the AI would kill them more often. Too many and it becomes a logistics nightmare. Not to mention a gigantic, advanced game of the floor is lava:

    I might replace a spell with a second Despoil tbh. Gotta make fairly certain the DMZ game is strong, otherwise you're in a pickle. Your units start losing health en masse and you have to run all the way to the nearest DMZ...

    Here's a question though. How the hell am I supposed to utilize the Ghost Pendant? I don't understand how I'm supposed to use it.
  5. potatonuts

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    Im not a fan of these low champ decks but you seem to have a solid base there. I find the trick with arroyo like most fw themes is to draw out the early game. Spam as many rift spirits as you can but also try and keep them safe at least until you get some benefit from surge. Holding back for big powerturns really pays off in this theme.

    I'd try an get some riftwalkers in there as they can be pretty scary and great for preventing melee rushes.
  6. MaruXV

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    send me a trade i'll give you some tokens for the upgrades and lich magistrates

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