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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alkaline89, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. potatonuts

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    I feel like I'm the only FW player that hates them.
  2. Compost

    Compost I need me some PIE!

    Vertical push is your counter? Lol? 55 nora spell to displace your own guy, destroy his equipment and buffs and deal 20 damage to him? you might asll well just let him be doomed. Divine reprisal? Wtf is divine reprisal gonna do? "Here lets make an already doomed champ even less appealing to attack!" Escape magic ok cool lets do that oh wait I'm not KF. because everyone has access to reinforce.

    Champs with the "summon" ability do give up something; ap. 5 ap to summon a piece of crap on a long cd. Rotwrapper can summon endless zombies by just standing there.

    Already stated what I want. It doesn't need to be fast and tanky to do it's job. It costs nothing, comes out and dumps its crap on you and dies, turning into another zombie to lumber around.

    Great let me just whip out my ritual champ that every bg has access to

    ...and defiles and decays for 2 turns. Natures wrath costs 5 less nora, does only 10 damage and halves defense.
    they're meat shields, they latch on and have a dot, enough of them block you out pretty easily
    Ok how about removed from that one ranged zombie
    Why not? This of all your points would be the one I'd most like to hear defense for. Chopping block is widley hated by everyone, you just throw it down and it does its thing all game. It procs at the end of your turn, so long as you're not an idiot its just global loss of life to some unlucky bloke. Global crap is all broken.

    Yea he's perfect the way he is right
    Funny the FW heroes are some of the only ones to be seen in almost every faction bg. What heroes see as much play? Grimlic probably, but grimlic just so happens to fill a role in a faction with literally no other long ranged options. Every other hero just shows up in it's racial bg. But Serkan and Xulos are so good might as well throw em into everything.

    Hahaha that argument doesn't work here, I don't hate FW because I lose to them. You see, I lose to everything!

    I'd rather get crushed by all the bs in everyother faction all day long than play against FW. It's not just op, it's cancer.
  3. themacca

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    I actually got divinity's touch confused with reprisal. But k, vertical push obviously had an i guess next to it because it can counter it not that you should use it to counter. but k. Ritual is pretty widespread if you don't have it in your BG that's your choice to not be running a ritual unit.

    this was the only stuff i can be bothered replying to rest of it just seems like more pointless *****ing that you're not going to change your mind on, so k
  4. Compost

    Compost I need me some PIE!

    Divinitys touch makes more sense but is still 50 nora and takes your unit out of action for a bit.

    Ooh "can't be bothered" huh, well my apologies my liege, I shall take up the rest of the kingdoms concerns for the night with your sinister advisor in the parlor, I'm sure he's not planning an elaborate and devious coup to seize power and steal your fiance. But I'm sure you "cant be bothered" with any of that hogwash either. Please your grace, allow me to light you a fragrant candle to warm your room before you retire, I read in a womens health the scent of lilac before bed encourages blissful dreams and moisterized skin! Do excuse me your majesty, I forget my place, surely you can't be bothered with another intrusion...
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    Which is only 5 nora more than doom, and you can cast it just before your champ is about to die from short lived, therefore making all the stalling your opponent has done pointless. It's a hard counter(not that i'm complaining). I've lost loads of games in which i've doomed a champ but said champ rushes me so i either have to spend more resources to kill immediately or sac a champ trying and stall it out.
    I stopped running Anathema a couple expansions ago, if i want a damaging spell i'd run chain lightning or arcane enervation, if i want anti healing i'd run skull of decay which is far superior for that purpose as it isn't just 2 turns. You do realize how long 2 turns are right? It barely ever matters. I'd much rather nature wrath for the damage and debuff.
    I feel like all your arguments are simply you being unwilling to adapt to anything at all hence your constant whining. The serkan change is laughable "oh lets make him a worse grimlic".
    I will agree however that rotwrapper could use a nerf
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  6. DrakeArron

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    At this point I just auto- ignore anyone who posts stuff like this... Half the time the largest potion of their posts are calling for nerfs anyway so it's not like I'm missing any content.
  7. DrakeArron

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    Here's a tip- if *litteraly* no one else is agreeing with you (which is the case here), your probably just a noob complaining about ridiculous things.
    The solution that doesn't involve nerfing everything you lose to? Admit your horrible at the game, ask for advice, and get better at it. That's what I do all the time. If you won't do that, it would benefit everyone if you simply quit the game. You won't stress out about the game anymore, and we won't be annoyed by ridiculous nerf calls.

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