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    Open Society Needs Defending

    December 28, 2016

    Open societies are in crisis, and various forms of closed societies – from fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise. Because elected leaders failed to meet voters’ legitimate expectations and aspirations, electorates have become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism.

    Those who believe that the EU needs to be saved in order to be reinvented must do whatever they can to bring about a better outcome.

    (Emphasis mine).

    Fascinating read! "Open Society" has a nice ring to it. What does that term even mean? "Whatever they can" sounds fairly unlimited.

    His net worth is estimated at 24.9 Billion USD. He will be peachy fine no matter how much demographics do or don't change in the West. Me and mine, salt of the earth types, live in a very different reality. We can't just up and move to Canada or Switzerland or Australia.

    I am interested to gain more knowledge and wisdom about what George Soros hopes will happen in the coming years/decades.
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  2. DarkJello

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    I can afford to move myself and nuclear fam to any of those locations, if I really wanted to. My degree, I am a PA-C, is not all that transferable though. It would be difficult to leave so many friends and extended family behind. On the other hand, remaining in the same religious family would be relatively easy. (Technology and such, as one example). Convincing my wife would be, by far, the greatest obstacle. Trump won, so we will hang tight and continue to observe for now. We should still be able to expatriate if that seems like the best move. [shrugs]

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    I think he means that it would be a shame if the EU, easily the greatest step towards a better future ever taken, fell apart, and that we have to work hard to prevent that from happening. And we do.
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  4. BurnPyro

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    People take what George Soros says seriously? And you're the same people who believe they see the world as it is, "wake up sheeple"? Yeah... uhm..

    I don't trust nobody who's been involved in this much dirty business around the world. The guy has been in numerous shady activity in multiple countries, just for his own gain. Don't mind if I don't care about a single thing he spews. He should be in damn jail if we're using the same standards we're holding twats like Hillary to.
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    Didn't Soros make a billion when the U.K. left the EU?
  7. Boozha

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    You can bet against the good in people and still hope for it :p
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  8. DarkJello

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    I asked a few clarifying questions in the OP.

    At no time did I label Soros good or bad. At no time did I mention other billionaires. At no time did I declare where he fits in the grand puzzle of humanity. At no time did I compare humans to animals.

    I already know the Righty opinion of Soros. Can even one of you Lefties share without acting triggered AF?
  9. Geressen

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    want me to give a few muddying answers?

    for balance?
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  10. DarkJello

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    Several chaps already muddied the waters. I am looking for light and knowledge.
  11. Geressen

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    * flips lightswitch*
    *holds out a dictionary*
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  12. badgerale

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    I've never heard of him outside a few mentions on this forum.
  13. super71

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    Soros is an evil pile of cow dung, shame on you @DarkJello i always thought highly of your views minus the sarcasm and pictures.
  14. Geressen

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    I heard about him because the right likes to talk about him, as super above just did.

    he is one of the richest people on earth and one of the most well known people who uses his money to fund politics. that makes him an easy target as evil money person conspiracies, but they all turn a blind eye the moment the same is done in secret or by corporations. I got no opinion on him.

    ...wait this isn't the double standards thread.
  15. badgerale

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    I read the Wikipedia page on him, and just going off that I can see why the right don't like him for funding leftist politics.

    But (1) even if you disagree with some of his goals, surely nobody could have a problem with stuff like fighting aids in Africa and other charitable causes where the majority of money goes. He has also been putting a lot of money into ensuring ex-communist countries transition to capitalism smoothly, which should align well with the US right. Which makes me question the judgement of @super71 as turning him into a hate figure.

    (2) As has been mentioned, a rich man funding politics he agrees with - or benefits him (and they usually amount to the same) - is nothing new, your saviour Donald Trump is an example. It's just not usually the left that benefits.
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    pretty much anything that throws {{{him}}} into a rant must be true.

    {{ }} word edited by the mods to protect the safe space of a snowflake. pathetic.
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  17. DarkJello

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    Shame on me for listening to all sides?
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  18. Geressen

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    Yes? that sort of thing is frowned upon by super71
  19. Ohmin

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    "Open Society" as described by Soros himself in the article refers to a (republic/democratic) that serves the interests of the people, rather than a government that manipulates the people in order to service itself. Very much a simplistic approach (which Soros also commented on) but a basic one.

    Though he's often spoken out against the Bushes and Trump and the like, it doesn't seem like he has an actual problem with manipulating the people to achieve his own aims, though whether or not that is for personal gain (he seems to find a way to profit off most things even if he doesn't like them) or for his belief in how the world should be or both I couldn't say really.

    Take Ukraine for example. Soros is heavily invested in Ukraine, both financially and politically. He's a huge supporter of the Maidan coup, and has consistently urged "the West" to invest several Billion into the nation, arguing since at least 2014 that a "free Ukraine" (or at least the 2014 government) serves as a valuable buffer for Europe against Russia. However, it's not really clear if he's invested so much because he stands to make a huge profit if successful, or if he's doing it for his politic... or both. My guess is both.

    DCLeaks also has a lot of information about Soros and his various organizations' involvement in trying to set up various movements and efforts, including for example propaganda campaigns in Greece to sway their opinion against Russia on the Ukraine issue. Of course, many DCLeaks and Wikileaks documents are generally unverified, and some have accused one or even both of being Russian propaganda outlets (at least partially).

    I think Russia has put out a warrant for his arrest, as well as some other nations, based on financial manipulations, fraud, and the like (I have not looked at specifics so I could be wrong); though given the political enmity one may take those with a grain of salt.

    There's absolutely no harm in showing Soros' articles or discussing the man. Whether he's a philanthropist or a scheming manipulator he is one of the most well-known economically powerful individuals. He's clearly very intelligent, and has a very interesting life history, on top of his political and economic relevance to the world.

    Even if DJ was promoting him (which I can understand how you might have thought so but doesn't seem to be the case) it's worthwhile to look at what such people are saying and doing even if you disagree with them.

    Personally, it appears based on various sources of information that Soros has a tendency to fund the more questionable activists... and/or those so funded become (more) questionable. He seems to like to fund a certain level of disruption, in order to move things the way he wants, though not always to success and he's certainly not the only one involved in that sort of game. But this is my basic appraisal based on the information I know of.

    In the US he's heavily involved in having funded Black Lives Matter,, the organization which I forget the name of right now that Project Veritas has video of some leading members talking about intentionally trying to bird-dog political rallies, though the less sensible aspects of all of these cannot of course be tied directly to Soros (though I recall he once offered his opinion that the disruption of one of Trump's rallies causing it to be full on canceled was a great thing). I'm less aware of his other international activism, but I would not be at all surprised if they follow a similar pattern.

    Of course, he very likely funds and supports many decent organizations and charities as well, and it's likely I wouldn't have had as much of a chance to hear about them.

    In any event, to me it appears that Soros isn't against a "Closed" society so long as it benefits his desires. More of a "my side, your side" type than an idealist. I don't think that inherently makes him evil or a terrible person, and I don't know him personally, nor would be I really be qualified to judge even if I did.

    I think, along with people like Trump (though Trump had been relatively small-time in terms of economic power, until his recent presidential victory and influence on the US' economy which is still not individual power), the Koch family, and so on, he's representative of some of the things that are flawed in the world. How much individual wealthy parties can influence things mainly.

    I've tried writing this post and variations for a while... and it still doesn't quite seem right to me, but for now I'll go with this.
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  20. SPiEkY

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    I believe it was 60 minutes that described Soros as "Donald Trump without the humility."

    Take that as you will, I guess.

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