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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Triandkilmi, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Triandkilmi

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    Well, first off, I used to play this game a while back but I am not sure what is good and not anymore. I used to be the leader of a guild called Serkan's Army(SA) if anyone remembers that. My name in game is Triand.

    I decided to come back because SOE no longer has its evil grip on the game and I felt compelled to give it another go.

    SO if anyone could help me about simple things I should know that I may have forgotten. For example: Are zombies any good? What is a good deck for FW now? I still have a lot of the older cards so hopefully they still work.

    Anyway, I would gladly appreciate any help no matter how minor it may be. Thank you
  2. BansheeX

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    Welcome back :)

    I cant type a lot because I have to go to work but there are plenty of viable themes for FW atm.

    Skeletons, Zombies, Spirit/Lich and Death benefit are all viable and fun themes.

    A good idea is to post which FW runes you own. That way someone might be able to suggest a few builds for you.
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  3. OriginalG1

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    skeletons are up there, skeleton ichor is starting to pick up as well. Meta now is usually some kind of death benefit bg. Get your self a vendetta asap if yo do not all ready have one.
  4. IceNorth

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    I returned after a long time and i'm still catching up:)

    Ok as far as zombies are concerned u REALLY want fleshweaver witches, for they remove lumbering and letarginc from zombies around her AND give ap boost if i remember right. Fleshblight zombie has manic and reconstitute, quite sweet. Contained thrall is auto include with his slowing of enemies. U also want a high warlock for range and utility. Hard to get but powerful Coragh too if u can get one should deffo be in there. I still don't have all i need for a deck, but ppl say zombies are good, but take a while to win.

    Oh and go here for detailed explanations http://forums.poxnora.desertowlgame...on-an-encyclopedia-of-the-forsaken-wastes.46/

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