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    I am excited for the board game.
    players will finally own their "runes"
    the can resale their "runes" to other players to help make stronger battle groups, probably through card and/figures. A board game will even allow people to make their own maps! Hype!

    I love pox's free to play element with foraging, much needed, should never leave. Cutting seller out by punishing people for selling runes was a major down fall of pox nora. When adults can not profit from their hobby, they find a new hobby.

    TLDR: a board game version of pox is perfect because you can balance the game and trade any way you wish with out corporate punishment.
  2. newsbuff

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    tbh i wish it was a collectible game with boosters
  3. Axeraiser

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    you know how much id pay for Poxnora themed chess boards ? Millions
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  5. aseryen

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    Take note of the metrics in this talk. I'll let those interested do the math and watch his reaction as he talks, let me know if you see what I see.
  6. chickenpox2

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    Doubt Devs even care they will just so their own thing

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