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  1. Sokolov

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    Despite the narrative that France is being overrun with Muslims and Military Patrols, it still continues to the #1 tourist destination in the world, with tourists increasing by 8% in 2018 over 2017, and 7% from 2017 over 2016. Europe as a whole also saw an 8% increase.

    You may say, well, that's just because there are more people traveling as world population increases and places like China generate more tourists. While true, it is important to note that US tourism is down, with Spain poised to overtake the US as the second leading tourist destination. US share in world tourism was 12.9% in 2016, and has dropped to just 11.7% in 2018. Some blame Trump, others blame the strong dollar, and other blame the domestic terrorism/gun violence going on here, whatever it is, people are just coming to the US much less frequently than before, relatively speaking.

    That said, the US still rakes in more tourism dollars in total than anywhere else by huge margins - mostly because everything is more expensive here, I guess?
  2. Fentum

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    For an external perspective, I would consider the USA to be much more dangerous than France for a tourist. Gun crime, gangs, mass shootings in the USA all SEEM more prevalent than terrorist activity in France.

    That said, I would consider both countries to be pretty much entirely safe for tourists. I’ve been in Shanghai, NYC and Paris over the last month and all are cracking cities.
  3. Sokolov

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    That’s a great point. The US has a lot of people and power and as a result significantly more media coverage. Plus globally people are probably more interested in what happens in the US than anywhere else, making everything seem more pronounced than they might really be.
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    I see a lot of claims of "UROP OVERUN BY MOOSLAMS" from the dumb idiots pulled down the rabbit hole of far right propaganda.

    according to the data there are two groups that have increased over the last few years.
    the percentage of muslims is 5%
    the percentage of atheists is 51%

    the second group growing 2 to 3 times as fast as the first.

    As for tourism, a lot of people are complainng there are too many tourists, which is bad for people living in touristy areas.
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  5. badgerale

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    I've never really understood why France is so popular with tourists. It's nice enough, but nothing very special compared to other European countries.

    Actually, on a really clear day, and if you have good eyesight, you can see France from where I live in south east England, but i'd much rather go to Croatia for relaxation by the sea, Italy for the beautiful towns, Madrid for the art collection, pretty much anywhere else in southern Europe for the food.... France is just... ok... i guess.
  6. Gaverion

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    I am curious Sok, are those numbers based of dollars spent or people visiting?
  7. Geressen

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    It'd be great if there was some sort of union that allowed people to travel between all those countries without paperwork and customs checks with similar quality food and consumer protection, money to increase connectivity in the poorer areas and shared rules, goals and harmonization in regards to the enviroment.

    Of course they'd need to all agree on customs so it would be easiest to have people from each member directly ellect a parliament while appropriate ministers from each country sit on a council depending on the subject that is up for discussion. perhaps a commission containing one person from each member country approved by the parliament who'se job it is to act in the interest of the entirety of this union with the authority given by the members to propose legislation that then goes through approval or dismissal by this council and parliament.

    That way power and responsibility is shared and no country would be arrogant enough to be somehow unhappy at not being the only one to decide all the rules for all the countries
    and then suddenly remove itself entirely from the decision making process.

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  8. badgerale

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    Because all these things will be barred to me after Brexit. I will be confined to my island and have to make do with a weekend watching the rain pour down in Skegness rather than drinking cocktails while watching the sunset over a Greek bay. I'll be a kind of prisoner, shunned by the civilised nations of the world.

    Or maybe I'll just have a different colour passport.
  9. Geressen

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    So any word on wether you are staying in the customs union without a vote, ( betrying brext?) betraying the Northern Irish unionists or restarting the troubles in Northern Ireland yet?
  10. badgerale

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    No meaningful words on anything so far as I can tell.

    We're all just waiting to see what happens - even people like me, who voted remain, just want it to happen so we can see where we are.

    Feels like it's the uncertainty which is most damaging.
  11. Fentum

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    Ultimately, everything will be ok.

    Other than the slow death of Pox Nora.
  12. Geressen

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    probably, it is a shitty situation. great comedy vallue though.
  13. Sokolov

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    As I stated in the last sentence, people spend the most in the US by far. It's like 3 times that of France. I don't know if that includes airfare though.

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