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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by XFurionsX, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Netherzen

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    I am gonna try him,i think he might be decent if i combine his ability to generate lots of summons(death spawn,swarm and propagate)and sac altar.
  2. kalasle

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    That's a good point actually: if he dies on the opposing turn and they don't clean up the trash, you have a good 40+ damage in canon fire sitting around.
  3. Netherzen

    Netherzen I need me some PIE!

    There is also vivify which triggers on skeletons from dark rising and anything you can attack with,hunter:giant gives him a strong anti role,as hunter abilities as very strong.
    He could probably oneround a large champion and swarm him with one dark rising.
  4. Djangoguy

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    Why does FW have no source of swarm but Carrionlings (wtf is this swarm) and Deepelf Skelingtons?


    edit: Zombie Apocalypse ain't a swarm!
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  6. fattyy2k

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    These are great for helping. Keep it up!
  7. Nite2kill

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    Don't wanna BUMP no mo with no big fat woman
  8. fattyy2k

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    Hey now o_O
  9. Sokolov

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    Stickied as per request.
  10. Netherzen

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    Many of those decks are outdated by now.
  11. Garr123

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    My two, mediocre cents:

    Skeletons are solid at the moment. Bone Slave is rad.

    Zombies are okay, but finding myself struggling hard against superchamps with a lots of def/toughness -- and any strong rush, but that's just the nature of a slow roll bg (boo hiss 7 spd reinforcement Dragons). Having problems with anti-equip because I really, really don't want to run Bladed Corpse, but might need to. These issues aren't really new.

    Also, Zombie Plague has some sort of bug which causes it not to trigger, which can be pretty annoying when you planned a turn around it.
  12. XFurionsX

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    it's not that people is flooding the FW forums with BG's, and i not playing anymore so i can't watch other people BG's and update them, i ive created the thread, but i only have like 2 BG's in it, it's everyone elses colaboration who made it possible.
    And old BG's are still importat so people have a base or knowledge on how to start/set up a bg.
  13. OriginalG1

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    this is my ff witch bg since lamia buffs. might take out hex doll, i put hex doll in here because i wanted to use serkan, then i realized witches are not undead! I like morgan alot, and i am pretending she is a witch.

    edit 5/29/15: i dropped stitched hex doll for a second bone circle staff, dropped morgan for turton bokor. Turton bokor is really good in a full witch bg.
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  14. kalasle

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  15. Djangoguy

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  16. Djangoguy

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  17. Uruboz

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    new legs: Defiler tank, venger beater, lamia range beater, wreckled witch support
  18. DemonicWiz

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    Thank you for this. As a returning player this helps alot and get be back in to it. :D
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  19. Aztech

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    Hey! I am returing play as well. Your name sounds familiar :) Where we in Serkans Army together?
  20. DemonicWiz

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    Most likely. XD

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