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  1. XFurionsX

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    In this thread you will find all FW themes that i will steal from other threads, i will copy the bg with the respective poxbase link, i will add up to 3 to 4 bg/theme with the respective author of it, this will help the the pox community to find quickly the FW bgs and ideas for future BG.

    [​IMG]Witches [​IMG]
    By Gutsa.
    By Baalzamon.
    By Potatonuts.
    By Djangoguy. 09/04/2015
    By Browatchthis. 01/06/2015.

    [​IMG] Worms [​IMG] 09/04/2015
    By Netherzen. 06/04/2015
    By Kalasle. 11/04/2015
    By Abrasax.
    By XFurionsX.

    [​IMG]Cheap Meat [​IMG] 06/04/2015
    By Kalasle. 06/04/2015
    By 15Deadmen. 06/04/2015
    By Claydude5.
    [​IMG] Skeletons [​IMG]
    By Teascholar.
    By Potatonuts.
    By Djangoguy. 28/05/2015.
    By Hekau718 23/05/2015

    [​IMG] Spirits [​IMG]
    By Netherzen.
    By Darkorona.
    By TeaScholar.
    By Djangoguy. 28/15/2015. Budget spirits.
    By Kalasle 06/06/2015.
    [​IMG] Zombies [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Meta [​IMG]
    By Teascholar.
    By Reddust.
    By Gillo. 13/04/2015 14/04/2015
    By Uruboz.

    By Uruboz.

    [​IMG] Liches [​IMG]
    Chopping Blocks
    By Kalasle 24/05/2015.
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  2. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

    Right now it seems alil short, but ill updated everyday, we still need more bg like chopping block, diseased based bg, vampyres, meta and the list goes on, feel free to leave your bg in here or create a new thread and ill paste later on here, i hope everyone enjoy this.
  3. Netherzen

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    I am doing well in top 50 with these:
    It does take some skill,dont expect to copy paste the bg and let your runes win for you.
  4. D4rkSteel

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    My zombie BG
    ss (2015-02-28 at 02.28.56).jpg
  5. kalasle

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  6. Nite2kill

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  7. D4rkSteel

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    everyone seems to run festering wounds, what's so good about it?
  8. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Shuts down 2 rounds of healing, 10 global damage. If an opposing unit is at about 15 HP and you have UTOH out, it near-guarantees the kill over 4 turns.
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  9. Djangoguy

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  10. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Real Festering Corpse is the best champ in the game.
  11. Nite2kill

    Nite2kill I need me some PIE!

    Elaborate and have you run them?
  12. negatorxx

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    corrupted, festering, foul rite, bag of filth to name a few, strike me as suboptimal. perhaps you guys can enlighten me
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  13. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    I think Corrupted is viable after powering up became 0 AP.
  14. Baalzamon

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  15. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    It might be prudent to split Witches into two categories: Votary and Foul Rite.
  16. Reddust

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  17. negatorxx

    negatorxx I need me some PIE!

    over cheap and efficient options that always work? its pretty easy to knock off the buff with attacks
  18. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    8 Speed out of the gate is good, I hear. You only need the buff for a turn or two. At this point, it's free healing and damage. AP if you are lucky.
  19. Darkorona

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  20. Nite2kill

    Nite2kill I need me some PIE!

    For Corrupted or Festering I cant say why they are used but probably for DMZ as well as tankability and global damage.

    Foul rite in my build is not needed I have that in for fun replace it with Execution order

    As for the Bag of Filth - this piece of equipment is under rated and needs to be added to a lot more builds, it acts as a negative equip that can produce 8 Disease damage x 4, Diseased 3, Infectious 3 and the damage ignores DEF. I think it was initially made to place on your champ to provide Plague Traps every 4 spaces but it works better on the opponents champs
    Also it works against Combat Awareness
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