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    What if someone begs for a choice?

    The saying has always seemed weird to me.
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    "Back in 1962, President John F. Kennedy, a man narrowly elected just two years earlier, came on television to tell the nation that he was taking us to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, because the Soviets had secretly built bases for nuclear missiles in Cuba, just 90 miles from America.

    Most of us did not question what he did. He was president of the United States, and he knew things the rest of us couldn’t know – and that was good enough for us. Fortunately, the Soviets backed down. But could any president today do anything like that and have the American people behind him?

    Sure. People believed Bush about WMDs and largely supported invading Iraq.

    It wasn't until later that details came out and things turned... and even now, half the country seems to believe it was fine:


    I think there are people who want to push the narrative that "we don't trust government" but IMO that's always been true, it's not some new thing happening - though I do think the social media/outrage culture has certainly accelerated this.

    When Ds are in office for awhile, Rs start spinning this narrative and Ds more likely trust their government. When Rs are in office for awhile, Ds start spinning this narrative and Rs more likely trust their government.

    It's like when Trump won the election, polling IMMEDIATELY showed Rs thought the economy was doing better - not WILL do better, but was ALREADY doing better.


    The one area where this eroding trust definitely appears to be true is in CONGRESS though, but of course, they are the ones that stay in power forever. Ironic.
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