Fat Fluby Sturdy Cyclops (Waiting for map pool change)

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Gnomes, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. SireofSuns

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    Thanks again for the Paper Wings!

    I have yet to actually try it, but since I don't currently have Spike, I am using 2x Vengeful Cyclops (also left out Klub) in the Siblings Style bg. My theory is to punish the enemy from killing Siblings, but we'll see how well it works!
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  2. Zythraak

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    You don't have a decklist under the meta, so I looked to your other thread. You don't have hurler in your meta list there, is he not great? He's always been my favorite Cyclops because of his art and slam is just so much fun.
  3. Markoth

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    I'm Markoth and this is my favorite guide on the SP forums.
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  4. limone1981

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    i'm gonna try this 1x Clops BG...any thoughts?

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  5. Gnomes

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    Looks solid. a few suggestions- maybe just only one battle fiend and instead add another rockshaper. rochshaper is more consistent and it works out well if you have one havocs touch and one battlefiend. you could also remove one battlefiend for another warwizard and/or a cyclops warmish with inspire. warsmith has a VERY good hp to nora ratio so after you give the dmg to battle fiend he can also be consumed for a full heal on the battlefiend, and if battlefiend is not being used at the moment then you can help the Cyclops cannon and give them the dmg and they will get the buff from having a tinkerer around.
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  6. limone1981

    limone1981 I need me some PIE!

    I will probably go for another warwizard...didn't tested yet(probably tonight or tomorrow) but maybe this version of the Clops can help avoiding map issues, even if sacrificing a lot of really good one eyed chanpion 2x2
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  7. Gnomes

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  8. Ballballer

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    Alacrity is auto in every SP bg
  9. Gnomes

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    Disagree. I already have it from the warwizards.
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    Didnt see that, carry on

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