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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by yobanchi, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. jsat

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    deploy on globe is a fascinating idea and probably extremely powerful. thematically, what could be more awesome than the dead rising again to fight? strategically, the ability to forward deploy is fantastic for momentum, and it forces your opponent to be wary of leaving nora globes etc, burning their ap/forcing overextend.

    I like this idea.

    additional question: if we are going to keep current bonus, does anyone think we should up the numbers
  2. darklord48

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    I think the deploy on globe would have to be restricted to a certain distance from a deployment zone too, otherwise you could kill a champ in the enemy's deployment zone and drop a champ in it.
  3. ImDeath777

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    Got an idea for a buffed faction bonus that's a little different from the usual extra runes reveal, not that I dont like it but I think this would be more fitting whit our playstyle.

    The problem whit our bonus is that it doesn't give any actual help during combat unlike all the others, people have always defended it saying stuff like "lol if your Serkan dies you get it back so fast is OP", but this brings 2 problems, first of all even whit a bonus like this you almost NEVER want your high power units to die even if you would get the chance to bring them back sooner, its simply better to try and protect them even if they are sitting at 1 hp.

    Then the principal problem in my opinion is that even if you wait to get your units off cool down to re summon them you still have to pay the full price for them, then whats special about it? whats the point of waiting if you can simply deploy a duplicated or a completely different hero? A solution? REDUCED COSTS FOR RE DEPLOYED UNITS

    Think of it for a moment, "Whenever a friendly champion who has died comes out of cool down its nora cost is reduced by 10% to a max. of 50% for 5 deaths", as an example: Risen Yeti dies and comes out of cd, now his nora cost is 63 instead of 70, this gives you an incentive to redeploy him again and again since you will be paying less whit each death allowing you to use nora in other things while your opponent gets less and less from your globes.

    This wouldnt create a huge power spike and would stay true to the old attrition formula "OMG Serkan for 49 nora OP!!!", you would have to lose and redeploy him 5 times for something like that to happen and I dont think any decent opponent would let you do it without winning before :p
  4. BansheeX

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    It has been suggested a lot of times before and it is still not a help imo. It is just adding to the backloaded bonus of us having to get our champions killed to get a benefit. And getting your champions killed is usually a bad thing.
  5. JazzMan1221

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    Uh, ok...........I know I didn't trademark it, but I JUST posted this exact idea on the previous page. wtf man, that there is MY idea. :p
  6. ImDeath777

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    Whoa bro I honestly didnt see you, only read the first couple pages before posting!! :eek:

    Anyway lets just say great minds think alike ;)
  7. yobanchi

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    The deploy on globe would probably be the hardest to code. Another interesting thing may be to simply tie creep as the bonus.

    I'd actually enjoy the "retain deployzone/gain shrine nora when transfigured" as it forces vulnerability to help avoid/shorten the long games.

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