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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thered, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. thered

    thered The King of Potatoes

    I'm sure this has been brought up before but hopefully coming from a KF player it will get taken seriously

    The elven illusionist needs a nerf. It is seriously ridiculous and requires not skill to win games. I am not sure what needs to be done but I do have a few ideas.

    He either needs to have just the two illusions he can make every 4 rounds or he needs to lose illusion of lies. My other idea is that he should only be able to make one illusion per turn. The illusion spam is insane and needs to be reworked. I don't want our small player base to start quitting because of one single rune.

    If those are not good ideas I would be happy to a suggestion. But illusion decks require no skill at all. I took it out of my deck when I realized how insane it was and its making lots of players angry.
  2. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I have said it before and I will say it again, illusion of lies is an insane ability. Put it on any decent champ without too many sandbags and it just auto wins games
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  3. thered

    thered The King of Potatoes

    if ballballer is agreeing with something I am saying you know its something to take seriously haha
  4. TheRavager

    TheRavager The King of Potatoes

    Could not agree with you more... early game illusions are impossible to compete against

    Not only that but it's so anti-fun, having 4x illusions surrounding your range champ is depressing.
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  5. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    who are u?
  6. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    1. Make illusions NOT drop relics
    2. Make illusions short lived 1
    3. Make illusions real illusions, so they are NOT recognizable from the original champion by the upgrade bar

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  7. GoldTiger

    GoldTiger I need me some PIE!

    I have a genuine question. Do you think the devs would have known without this thread? Likewise without the BE thread. I'm almost certain the ban came because of the thread and not their knowledge of the game otherwise things like it and AoV wouldn't go through in patches.

    In essence should we be posting about these kinds of issues earlier? As I assume most people knew Illusionist was silly but perhaps the devs didn't withoit this thread and we should be raising awareness on these 'issues'.
  8. TheRavager

    TheRavager The King of Potatoes

    me rav who u
  9. GemmaXylia

    GemmaXylia Forum Royalty

    I thought elven illusionist was a girl :(
  10. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I hate when scrubs try to make comments like they actually know the game. Once you get good then come back here and try to give advice or weigh in on discussions

    Freaking nubs think their opinions matter

  11. TheRavager

    TheRavager The King of Potatoes

    Please forgive me for my casualness, i will ensure to no-sleep piss in a bottle sweat pox for the foreseeable future until i git gud

    Be back then.

    Ravager out.
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  12. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

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  13. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    My post from the Council forums a few weeks ago:

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  14. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    good idea but still no deceive because illusions doesnt have yellow arrows on upgrade abilities. also, unless they solve the bugs, the ability could be abused because, for example, illusions of champs with pounce have pounce and can damage.
  15. Excalibur95

    Excalibur95 I need me some PIE!

    totally agree.. first game i played vs illusion after it was changed (buffed) i said it was too op now, no one listened.

    the illusions need to die when the ability is used again.
  16. bagoftrick

    bagoftrick I need me some PIE!

    i think your thinking of deception. although that is still OP.
  17. thered

    thered The King of Potatoes

    Deception is not op
  18. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I think he was saying that he does not like how the illusions persist after the unit dies.
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  19. Braxzee

    Braxzee I need me some PIE!

    Two problems with illusions are persisting after the unit or source dies off and loss of life from soul tap does not destroy it. There are some pretty good counters covering from deploy a champ destroy all of them, AOEs, dmg terrain, and X greeting. Most players run some type of X greeting to use as a detect option so the chance of illusions being countered with little effort are great. If it is about the early game they are strong, there are other early game combos that are just as strong but not as easy to get rid of as illusions are.
  20. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Like what

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