Current Ranked Rotation - Expansion 29. Last Update: 22.01.2019. [UP TO DATE]

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    Hello everyone!

    To further help both newcomers and returning players alike, this thread will serve as a go-to thread to know which maps (along with font count) are currently in the rotation. This will get updated every time we face a rotation change. I will also update the thread later on with screenshots of the maps. I'd appreciate it if it gets stickied later on. @darklord48 @Dagda @Markoth

    Colour explanations:
    Current Rotation (in alphabetical order):
    Orange Square - P1 starting position
    Red Square - P2 starting Position
    Blue Circle - Nora Font

    Auxilium (3 fonts)
    Elemental Plateau (5 fonts)
    Forsaken Wastes (2 fonts)
    Forsaken Wastes (5 fonts)
    Grove of Ashes (3 fonts)
    Ironfist Pass (5 fonts)
    K'thir Forest (3 fonts) NOTE: The hill next to P1 and the rock next to P2 no longer exist!
    Nora Glades (5 fonts) NOTE: The middle font is blocked from the north by bushes
    Ruins of Valdac (3 fonts)
    Shores of Maljara (2 fonts) NOTE: There's a statue in the middle of the map now
    Snarling Tangle (5 fonts)
    Underdepths (4 fonts)
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    UPDATE: Added map previews of all currently ranked maps along with their player and nora font locations! @Dagda @Markoth @darklord48 I'd appreciate a sticky!
    UPDATE #2: Added some colour-coding.
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    You can post grid map images by taking multiple SSs and overlapping them on most image editing software.
  4. Etherielin

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    It looked absolutely atrocious.
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    Can we just load 4 font Underdepths into a cannon and fire it into space? Please?
  6. MaruXV

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    together with fw and fw no fonts
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    Why cant i like your post more than once?
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    The KF 3 font map is super unfair to player 1. i don't get why they just don't ban it if change it it's too problematic for coding.
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    I can make you some maps.

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