Creep salvation?

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by yobanchi, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. yobanchi

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    That's a tall order… for the first 3 pages I tried this with the main post but it proved too time consuming X_X. Now that we're focussing in I think it's more on the minutia.
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  3. Fikule

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    I think Font Ignorance is fine tbh. It stops the drop contest/capture, that's all it's meant to do and it's all it does do.

    Think the doubling creep mechanic might get OP or make us dependent on masters. Colony is pretty much the Colossus ^^

    Creep Lord
    While this unit is in play, shrine deployment zone spaces are Living Creep (Units not stood in a friendly deployment zone have -2 defense) and your shrine gains Harrowing Creeper [CD:1](Target unit within your shrine's deployment zone is ensnared 2). Friendly Creeps gain a rank of Tunnel: Living Creep.

    I have been hesitant to suggest terrain, but the ability icon screams for it. It looks like that solid slimey stuff you got in Aliens in their lairs ^^.
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  4. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    Another Idea for Creep Master would be to give a bonus to all champions within the zone.

    Creep Lord: This unit has creep. All mutants within your Shrine Deployment zone get +2 dmg and Siege.
  5. Sirius

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    I had refrained from posting extra due to not having a complete suggestion, but I've been toying with the idea of "Creep: X" as an ability granting condition.

    For example, Creep: Psychic Ping would have the whole expanding SDZ effect, and in addition to that, the unit would get Psychic Ping when within x spaces of a Creep Master.
    Not saying this is a good idea, just throwing it around.
  6. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    That may be a good idea for expanding the theme in a future patch ^_^.

    I think creep (main ability) is pretty good and the revised relic is good.

    Still thinking about Creep master and adjusting champions.
  7. Fikule

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    Just pointing out the lack of synergy between Creep Master and the new Relic.

    Impassioned require your shrine or avatar to be less than half hp. This is given by Creep Master.

    Shrine Link heals your shrine. This is given to any units near the relic and may quickly negate Impassioned.

    My vote is still for Locust Swarm tiles within 4 spaces of the relic :p
  8. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I've changed creep master suggetsion to give Siege to all creeps within the zone and +2 def to help the mid game.

    Thank you everyone for contributing your feedback I have submitted the suggestion.
    Please note that some finishing/filling/adjustments may be made on the other end as these are just rough suggestions on our part.

    It is entirely possible that it is decided that focus be directed elsewhere if there are future plans in the pipe. Just a caution note is all
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  9. Entrepidus

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    Do you mind updating the OP with what your finalized suggestion was? I wasn't here for the switch to Siege in Creep so I'm wondering what else was switched around :)

    I will say that Siege is odd given its only use is bashing Relics/Shrines, but as long as Creepers are getting looked at I don't mind being a guinea pig. It may turn out I'm completely wrong and Siege is the secret sauce!
  10. Fikule

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    Could Putrid Creeper not get Acid Aura 1 on base?

    There is not enough Acid damage to properly benefit from acolyte.

    At least with Aura 1 he can aura the enemies and also the carrionlings for healing.

    Not happy that the damage shield I suggested replaced the aura entirely. It makes him much much worse and doesn't fulfil the purpose I suggested it for (an additional acid damage source).
  11. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    If that can be done, sounds really really awesome.

    As for the newest changes @yobanchi
    • Creep Master: Cool idea! How about if it gave +2 Damage, +5 HP and Siege to mutants in SDZ with a does not stack clause.
    • Polluted Martyr: seems like a really bad idea to me. Would have those things popping up all over the place, yikes.
    • Boneshredder: Replace Domain: Chasm with Creep on Upgrade Path 1 or skeleton players will complain when his base price goes up.
    • Phantasmal Creeper: Speed to 5 if he gets access to Encroached so that he usually has 6-7 Speed (+price drop yay). Currently has Nora Leech on base, which I assume would be going too. Nice idea!
    • Putrid Creeper: Good tank, boring design. Maybe upgrade path 1 to Oozing, DS: Acid 3, Shrine Defender. Damage Shield Acid doesn't exist atm by the way. And yes, hue hue oozing Creeper :D
    • Creeper Queen: Love it :D
    • Anything I didn't mention looked good to me.
    • Oh and a suggestion. If the outline of a the Creep SDZ could have a black or green mist effect, it would be really cool and informative for opponents that don't know how Creep works.
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  12. Fikule

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    Another reason for Aliens-style black gunk tiles! ;)
  13. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I've updated the main post with what I was able to get done Thursday. This is the current suggestions on the table that will be potentially considered. As stated above these are just suggestions so by no means are these what will happen at all.

    Carrionlings are now more prevalent and have acid attack. I agree that the aura is more beneficial.

    As for Creep Master I really liked the idea of Siege focussing their play style more towards shrine destruction then font attrition. I've also added a +2 def bonus to help with the mid game on defending those initial fonts and making it easier to gain those kills.

    The Phantasmal creeper was a good way to work in encroached since he has etherial so at most he'll only be attacking every other turn (ala soldier who has 14 dmg). He should be interesting now.

    More tweeks are possible in the future so lets see what goes down and how it plays. Everyone can agree that they are unplayable now.
  14. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    This will be my last post in the thread if it goes unanswered, I'm feeling horribly ignored. I know I'm not a big FW player but I was a Creeper player and then Mutants player for a long time.

    • Polluted Martyr getting Mutant is a really really bad idea, as he is already very strong and this would create dumb interactions + be auto in theme which is unhealthy (it's not easy to get and new players would feel unable to run optimum creepers).
    • Phantasmal Creeper as suggested now would have Nora Leech on upgrades and on base.
    • Boneshredder gaining Creep on base will piss off skele players (due to the extra nora). Having it on upgrades makes more sense.
    • Putrid Creeper could really use more interesting upgrades.
    P.S. I really like your suggestions, Siege is a very cool idea to give them an end game.
  15. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    @WraithxxV Thank you for your feedback.

    Hmm... now that I think about it Boneshredder could probably just just the simple race swap from beast to mutant and leave creep off entirely.
    You could be very right about Polluted Martyr and perhaps if this is indeed taken into consideration we can see how it plays out before removing it again.
    With the limited time this is probably a good start but we can certainly suggest tweaks to runes/abilities of the theme in a future patch.

    Again these are merely suggestions and do not reflect what will actually happen.
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