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    he really does seem to not know which way he's going with tank and beater

    i'd rather he be more offensive due to having to spit out 40 damage for a head
  2. Jason

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    I've now played several games against Chosen of Osarius.

    His nora cost is off the charts. Oblivion Shield and Fire Eater add to his survivability but he's hardly the 90+ nora champion that any UD player should be running.

    Here's the flip side of it: Underdepths is a faction that has a significant number of competitive, top tier champions. I'd wager more than most factions. Nobody should be running a high number of 80+ nora champions, so what makes this champion stand out among others in his nora bracket?

    (By the was I'm assuming nobody here actually runs his -80 build of Void Shield and Fire Aura because its paltry and ridiculous)

    You may laugh but I still run a Sheoul Demon in one of my decks. He was the first exotic Underdepths champion and he's still terrifying. Much more terrifying than Chosen of Osarius. More health, several Fear-based mechanics to keep him from being attacked, much better 1v1 potential . . .

    I really hate to say it because Chosen of Osarius has such flavorful potential - I'd absolutely love to see an Osarius theme that utilized the Osarius relic dispersing itself around the field - but this champion needs something about his central ability adjusted if he's ever going to see play.
  3. Ujelly

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    I'm having trouble using him in good stuff or fire decks. Such an expensive I doing it wrong lol? Help plz cause I luv this dude
  4. Kampel

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    What if Osarius chosen 40 damage count was also filled with damage taken? so if it makes 20 dmg and takes 20 a head will spawn.
    Or even:
    When this champ deals 40 dmg a head of osarius is spawned.. blah blah, Every time this champ takes 20 dmg, all head of osarius relics replicate?
  5. spineyftw

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    Should I go for a Cinderpede or a Chosen of Osarius in my new lava bg? Osarius looks pretty juicy with a molten cloak but I'm not really sold on him. His nora price seems kinda high. His poxbox value isn't too low either tbh. Any suggestions?
  6. darklord48

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    All new champs have a high poxbox price, until they've been out long enough to truly understand their power.
  7. spineyftw

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    Yes, I'm well aware.

    That's not really the main point of my question though.
  8. SPiEkY

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    I'd say if you've got a chosen, go ahead and try it, but if you don't, I wouldn't go out of my way to pay out the ass for one; it's not super great (not to say that it isn't good, because I feel that it is, but it's not great).
  9. Ujelly

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    Problem is that his ability is a TOTAL sandbag. If it ever pros there is no telling where it will spawn or if it will spawn in an area that will even do anything. I've had it spawn to where it blocked my own 2v2 units to reach the front of the font because it spawned 3 spaces behind me. It's an ability that is not reliable and can also be a liability. I think if he keeps it as an ability it needs a minus nora cost
  10. junithorn

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    - mark of osarius
    + relic guardian
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  11. Ujelly

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    Ohh sweet idea. Or maybe he could give a discount on the relic itself or something I dunno. I feel like when the devs create a new ability they don't wanna get rid of it even though it suxor
  12. Sokolov

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    Yea, Mark didn't work out the way I wanted it to, so his role slowly shifted away from deploying the relic to other things.

    Please continue to discuss alternatives/suggestions for it. Keep in mind tho that if it becomes a much stronger ability, it would require a different cost too probably.

    However, a negative cost would be ridiculous =P
  13. SPiEkY

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    Maybe have him count as a potential spawn point for other Heads?
  14. Jason

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    What if he just sped up the rate that the relic Head of Osarius propagated? This about it like this:

    Mark of Osarius
    While this champion is in play, Head of Osarius relics Propagate immediately for every 50 fire damage taken by enemy champions.

    Yes, it will create scenarios where Head of Osarius has an overwhelming number of Propagation's - especially with Grimlic - but this is a set up that will take a 40 nora relic, 80-90+ nora champion, and then additional fire-damage champions to successfully pull off. It will also require a fairly aggressive play style, and the Propagate relics will be summons. Also, the damage would specifically only count from enemy champions.
  15. Ujelly

    Ujelly I need me some PIE!

    What if u dropped his ability and gave minus nora fixed.
  16. Squama

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    Yeah mark is a completely not useful ability. I like him for other charactheristics, but that ability is a sandbag.
    Could you change it simply to something like "deploy head of osarius" with a very long cooldown?

    Ot otherwise, simply change the ability in "head of osarius relics cost 10 less nora while this champion is in play".
  17. Squama

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    Automatic random spawn is simply not good. It happens only once, and most of the times in the wrong position.
    Please do something.
  18. Leadrz

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    What if after it deals the damage, you gain a one time use ability to drop the head? No nora change?
  19. Squama

    Squama I need me some PIE!

    What if after it deals the damage, you gain a one time use ability to drop the head? No nora change?

    yes this is a nice idea... i think it could be not OP even with the ability appearing avery X damage done... maybe 50?
    the the ability of deploying could cost some AP...
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  20. theKraken

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    Mark of Osraius- 3 ap activate, Target an adjacent relic that relic is destroyed and a Head of Osraius is spawned in its place.

    Upgrades switched
    Line 1
    Trail Fire wall-> relocate relic

    Line 2
    O Sheild-> Relic guardian
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