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    i don't know if i'd say that just adding exclamation points is "sensationalizing", it doesn't feel clickbaity enough. really it's sort of gaudy.

    i'm not motivated to read the article, but try using a phrase like "and you'll never guess what happens next" or "10 things you never knew about chinese women"

    many more clicks.
  3. rodar

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    How utterly unexciting.
  4. DarkJello

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    ...water hidden underneath could equal 10 times the amount of water found in all five of the Great Lakes...
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  5. rodar

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    Those are fresh water lakes. This water is salty and has very diminished value for it. It contains an insignificant amount of water compared to large salt water bodies like an average ocean.
  6. darklord48

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    True, but an arid place like that would be perfect for setting up a solar power plant and desalination plant to generate a large amount of water without much environmental impact.
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    The interesting part is where they speculate that other deserts could have water under them. And the even more interesting part is where I observe that Mars is one big desert.
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    Ragic strikes again. Gracias sir!!
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    TLDR: All those sites have the same story. There is other proof there is a transition zone of water under earths 1st mantle. To be honest though, "we" know nothing about anything.

    I read stuff that claims the ocean water are seeping out from inside the earth. Who knows though.
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    On a related note, here's a reminder that this is a thing:
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    maybe they found the fountain of youth

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