Cheap source of Water Front ?

Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by Krokodil, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Gnomes

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    never tried him, does not look half bad, but it does seem to me that he would be doing what swamp thing does only worse.

    leach vitality > Life siphon (in this case exspecially because he has tital wave, so you can leache from more then one unit at a time)

    waterfont > Splash

    1X1 > 2X2

    he is only 3 nora more, but you also get water awakening, and once you have the map full with water, that gives loads of buff to the thing. +

    but try it, does not seem to horrible. could be worth
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  2. DrakeArron

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    Cool :p. I've been using him in my collective SP/FS eletric deck, and he seemd to perform ok, however I never see him in any BG's or mentioned as a water source. Glad to know it wasn't a completely bad choice.
  3. Atherhog

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    I've been running him today - with Swamp thing. I really like having multiple tidal wave and he forms a solid water base for the Mirefolk ladies to snipe behind. Verdict - better than I expected!
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  4. Sokolov

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    I will add a couple sources of Water Front back and some more Water Veils.
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  5. Anima26

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    I was thinking maybe Evolve spell can be changed to help Aquatics in this sense.

    Something like :

    25 nora
    AE3: Friendly champions with Aquatic gain Flight, Mobility and 2 dmg for 4 turns. That was a very rough idea, but something which gives them flight basically.
  6. Gnomes

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    Its better then that already! Gives em 2 speed 3 dmg and Amphibien
  7. Anima26

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    True that my suggestion was terrible, i just thought the theme could make good use of Flight.
  8. Gnomes

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    True. :) fs has like no flying
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  9. Anima26

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    I just run Slick all the time to cover the lack of Flying. We need moar flying fish.

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  10. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

  11. Capitulator

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    I'd love to see Running Start on some aquatics. That'd let the move at -2AP when there isn't water instead of half AP.
    Lift might have some utility on the right champ too. It'd be nice to see a Screaming Leviathan rework but Lift on 2x2 doesn't look like it'd work.
  12. DrakeArron

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    I think it'd be hilarious if there was a fish eating KF/FS bird with lift- in primitive times, the birds carried the fish away to horribly mutilate and devour. However, as they became sentient (as fantasy world animals almost always will) they realized this was a bit of a negative arrangement and decided to cut out the tiny "devour" but and just use it to help move the aquatic creature somewhere it likes better. (Of course, the bird will still have consume as the creature needs to offer some sort of payment, which is usually the child it cares the least about).

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