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  1. Chemical22

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    If you don't like it, why don't you approach the powers-that-be and see if you can get into developing the game to your vision - if it is a great vision, they'll jump all over your help. If you aren't a developer, then ask to come in as a player consultant. Clearly @Etherielin did that already, and that deserves some respect and recognition.

    Take some action, rather than arm-chair complaining about it - seems like you are taking the argument to the wrong guy to me.
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  2. GabrielQ

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    The forge system is a nice improvement for rune accessibility. Basically everything but a handful of runes (last expansion) are easy to obtain. Couple that with balance patches that toned down the natural powercreep and rune accessibility is at an all time high.
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  3. Bushido

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    already tried, literally offered 1k to do it.
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    Sorry, Bushido. I know about this. I tried to help in others ways too but was rejected. I mean this respectfully BTW.

    With that said though, can we move on from this thread?
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  5. Chemical22

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    Hug it out.
  6. Anotherblackman

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    Imagine you are watching an anime, and without context or anything, you are shown a flashback.

    Then everything is revealed live action.

    Im not gaming up on you like you did me and Karmavore did on my thread but holy crap, this is a stupid statement.

    You must have never played anything in that faction if you think “Tinkerers” were the ducking epitome of IS... IT was our simple, yet effective nora generation and management strategies. We had slow and/or expensive runes and set ups and comboes , and Early nora gen, or stall strategies were so important if you deployed a miner at the wrong time, you were screwed. Our single best first draw combo for this reason we’re exactly this: Deep miner and nora mine and a excavator!

    while you are making end game closer, you were able to put meaningful pressure on your opponent to force him to play more defensively instead of careless, otherwise he could have a entire faction go through 1 mine system! This relocation was so powerful I recall so many times people using spells on the mines because it was so important to prevent such a transitional tempo. The slow start up of IS was now inside your rectum. This is literally what I would lose to as an IS mirror matcher. Call it a draw win or whatever but back then we had those situations. You thinks first turn tinker was amazing when the first time you deploy him you have to spend his 5 ap CD or you aren’t using him efficiently. If he wasn’t within 2 spaces of a font, or reachable on the second turn, due to(wait for it) the OLD IS AP BONUS then he was a shitty draw especially outside of the IS pass or FW map. Lost city? Savage Tundra? IS mountains? This is the same with a lot of units that were support/combat support.
    The only deck I’ll say was overturned so people didn’t have to think to hard was barbarians. With Bastion and A wild chieftain you basically won in 60% of most situations if you knew what you were doing. The AP generation from Incite was enough to enable cheap thoughtless moves. The interaction of Unstoppable+ Zerker( something I thought was OP ever since the Rage band from SL) also kept it from suffering any drawbacks. Add in thoughtless units like the mounted barbs(all of them were busted except the herder, and she was nerfed too) and you had a theme that was cheap, exploitable, annoying, obnoxious, and overbearing, especially the longer and more coordinated they got. Exemplars were simply Icing on the cake, but they were absolutely incredible units in barbs and paladins(something that was also nerfed, theme interchangeability)

    Warcry was destroyed, in both of the themes it was used in (Leoss and Dwarves) and then made a racial changes... that like nerfing incorporeal. Healing, other than desperate heal which never saw play ever because we had shrine scry, and it was suicide to try to kill your shine to must, is now both underwhelming and was overcosted, then Divine favor, then Angel of mercy, and then nerfed( trail hallowed ground vs regeneration arguements ensued and are still happening),All the powerspells( macadamize was nerfed, perhaps over nerfed, that showed me that the game was officially run by people who think it’s okay to take pop shots at IS), protection spells? Mark of redemption and RD ruined, both the spells were key to surviving the “encroachment phase of turtling players” and terrain. CTE was a protection spell at heart but was was destroyed because it was “consistent” with game development. Grintmaw, both the staple bouncer, and the dampen units demolished, theme as a whole underwhelming and full of holes. Any outlying equipment combinations, decimated, Equipment decks, destroyed( RiP armory and market) any and all Limited and legendaries were demolished( silver shock trooper is something I’ll forever remember as he was a fine unit, that had a specific niche), robo dog, DWAREN HANDLER and tinker OP LMAO SO BROKEN HAHAHA. Dwarve Sarge is such a insane tempo hit for nothing. We were given no anti range or dodge or ap generation to catch elusive player strategies, catapult nerfed cause of “consistency “

    man you say it with such pride too. You never knew and still don’t know about why even people played that faction.

    we didn’t play IS for healing( KF was better at that by miles with things like rejuv ring, self making aoe relics, and enlightenment(+6 hp because) and purification on demand in an AoE not bound by race or classes)

    We didn’t play IS for summon spam( SL, And FW did this better by miles and not just with sitched and myx, dragons, KF with both trees and beast)

    We didn’t play IS for boost( KF beast/porcupines, SL myx and beast were much better)

    We didn’t play IS for Damage.

    We didn’t play IS for spot control( FS,Monsoon on melee poison traps, poison clouds, drowning grobles... SP with the AP drain hidden spell, rock trap, avalanche if you were careless, echo chambers, twisted totems to destroy, Soothsayer, Vertical push?!?)

    I can break it down so simple because it was faction flavor and sole that. This is the playbook for IS fun, spot spell to stop his teleporting 7 speed ranged unit, that has been harassing since turn 2 or RD t stall, when we are finally about to engage in full scale combat, We impervious. You don’t got any protections, or dispel counters? Oh well. That Dwarven King that has 9 HP, I cast desperate heal, and March all my units next to the catapult. I catapult and I destroy the LAST UNIT YOU EXPECTED ME TO KILL. I end turn praying that is 1, enough to get you to rage quit, and 2, hoping that you kill your unit with my second RD on Dwarven King.

    IS was about its power turns to take control of tempo. We played IS to cast Groble Bombardment, Catapult a Dwarf king next to him, Battle Drum, strip( was destroyed) and suddenly my groble out of nowhere did a calculated strike on that expensive unit that was seemly perfectly positioned.

    the last deck I ever created , that was also nerfed into the ground for being above IS allowed twitch of powe, Northern Cross Obelisk +Bombs. Imagine a unit that arrives with a new expansion, and everyone in the game thinks it’s trash. Everyone is playing the medal that gives you speed and battle leader because it’s easier to play, it’s much more brain inactivity friendly...

    me I never though like this, a linear meta player, even with a linear faction Like IS. I gravitated towards runes like Northern Cross obelisk, which had to be read, carefully. When I read it, to me, nothing seemed bad about it, when I used it...

    I was the only one playing IS, effectively until I got the themes nerfed because I was playing them. Even Warfoot had to use his example of getting spanked by me as reasoning to get it nerfed.
    I would take the sandbag of channel damage on Jangar arcanist( who no longer had fire bomb) and use it with a “shoeboxes” relic and suddenly its beyond God teir OP as Heck to the point where it didn’t even last 1 patch. I would take all the nora I would spend, and suddenly murder you because you were in an aoe of 2... Decks like these have always existed, plenty of counters to it( like don’t be a noob who jumbles all his key units, a majority of whom remained post DoG sadly) and it wasn’t changed to be “balanced” it was changed to be horrible. Jangar Arcanist, lost channel damage strictly because of me. So my combo would never return, for no cost decrease. It was made worse, when revamp always crapped all over it so hard it had to go from being a 94 nora range 2-4 ranged unit, to a passive unit without a basic attack, then I finally find a “New Spot” for him and he is nerfed.

    You say “IS has gotten meaningful buffs” that’s A load of Thunderhoof droppings.
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  7. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    @Anotherblackman This has nothing to do with the topic and your archeology about some magical state of IS from 2012 has no relevance to the current state of the game. Please cease the off-topic.
  8. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    You legit pieced up a portion of his reply, and acted like everything is honkey dory, but it ain’t...
    Bane Shift ain’t sweet when it comes to IS since 2012
  9. Bushido

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    So are you admitting that I was right about the first point? In that fw angel was nerfed? Also, to clarify, are you also saying that I was the only fw player who was right?

    Might want to do a second dose for stitched combo.
  10. Ballballer

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    I know that if I were the one pumping out nerfs and buffs, you people would still find crap to complain about- constantly. Except I wouldn’t entertain y’alls BS and would tell you to go F yourselves. The fact that etherielin still tolerates you guys blows my mind. Even when I disagreed with @Sokolov (which was almost 100% of the time on some issues), I either raged privately at him or accepted it. I didn’t air it out like you guys are doing in an attempt to gain community backing against the person in charge. Either create a better argument (feel free to rage privately in PMs while doing so/expressing it), accept that the change you want isn’t going to be implemented and continue playing, or quit.

    When other top veterans were still here, one of the few things I appreciated was how much whining got crushed in the cradle. There is no one around to hold people accountable to their level anymore and we’re left with just a stream of garbage being posted. I might come back just to hold you dorks to some sort of standard.

    In the meantime, nut up buttercup.
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