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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. calisk

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    did you mean this game? because that's the one i been playing.

    it's unforgiving for sure, but I enjoy it quite a bit.
  2. darklord48

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    That's more unforgiving than the one he's probably talking about. The franchise restarted recently. If you really want a hard one, go for X-Com Terror From the Deep. It's like the one you've been playing, but even tougher. This is the one I think he's referring to.
  3. Thbigchief

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  4. chickenpox2

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    Why would you buy this game its already dead
  5. SPiEkY

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    It'd be more buying the artwork and intellectual property so you could make another game within the same setting, rather than continuing to attempt to revive this game.
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  6. decondor

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    @Gainer900 ETC I am personally developing some open source libs to potentially do a TCG on top of IOTA.

    I even have some idea's in decentralized rule enforcment for these kind of game and how to do decentralized leaderboard etc. However can't do it alone.
    If there is any progress on this I would love to hear about it!

  7. Bondman007

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    Not to spoil anything, but @Gainer900 has some great ideas for a Pox squeal/clone (which is the reason for @decondor semi-random post above). I am sure he will post a thread about it as he gets closer to some definitive progress. Stay tuned...hopefully we will have "something" to fall back on.

    And BTW, is it me or does it really feel like the devs missed a golden opportunity with Pox? I mean, instead of that "overhaul" Gedden did and instead of the lousy PS4 attempt, I mean seriously, they could have done so much with what they had instead of the avenue they went. Just my 2 cents though, and that's all it's worth.

    I really feel they gave up on it way to fast...
  8. decondor

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    Golden opportunity is a bit over stated I think, a lot of the art etc is quite cool I think and is for sure a basis for some game.
    But it cannot keep existing as it does now. Also not sure how fun it is to work on a game that didn't survive a few revives. I would want to work on something else.

    Something with a blockchain hype could do wonders but it aint easy to do good.(Good as in the vision of proper decentralized systems)
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  9. Schmacko

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    Do you really need to buy the IP? Like someone else said most of the races are pretty generic at heart (frog people, elves, dwarves, lizard people, etc). I doubt the poxnora brand really matters to anyone outside the old playerbase, which obviously isn't enough in of itself for the game to survive. The only thing that seems really valuable would be all the old art, because commissioning fantasy art can be expensive.
  10. Sokolov

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    If you wanted to say, use Ruubgaal and Magnus in their entirety, then you'd need the IP, but if you made a new game with your own Undead Bat People that fought on tactical grid, no one would bat an eye, of course.
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  11. IronStylus

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    1. good morning (hello this year?)
    2. what is IP so i can read a bit with understanding.
    3. I can't get into my old mailbox, is there any other way of account recovering? i swear i had many runes left
  12. IronStylus

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    and THE ultimate question: IS POXNORA ALIVE?
  13. Varthas

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    IP equals intellectual property
  14. Varthas

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    Is Pox alive? Yes it is on life support and just about alive, left for dead is another fitting term perhaps?
  15. Schmacko

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    Life support implies support. Id say it is more like DOG is now a zombie company and the game is running on fumes. Whenever those fumes run out everything shuts down.

    That being said you can still log on and play.
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  16. Bondman007

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    I would say this is about as accurate as a description that exists.
  17. TheNidhogg

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    Has anyone saved all the sprites and art somewhere? Is it illegal to host it on a site somewhere for posterity? List of abilities and actual full runes would be sweet too.

    Also if we do get anywhere with a valuation of the IP I would also be interested in contributing.
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  18. Bondman007

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    First off, great to hear from ya @TheNidhogg !

    To answer your questions, technically, using sprites, art, and any other IP without DOG's consent would be illegal. However, at this stage, all of the DOG employees/founders are M.I.A. so I would seriously doubt they would ever catch a use of that nature.
    And as far as a valuation of where things stand, pretty much the same place from when I started this snipe hunt; There has been no response from DOG (save one useless corporate response) and it appears for the most part there is no DOG (except the husk that remains ie. it is still an actual company but there is no one running it or representing it.)
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    Dox them and msg irl.
  20. Fentum

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    Who let the DOGs out?
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