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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bondman007, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Bondman007

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    EDIT (June 5th, 2019): Ok, so it appears there IS some Pox Nora hope after all! Go to page 19 and see for yourself! Also, massive talk on the Pox Nora Discord as well! A former Pox Dev has risen from the grave! Go look!

    EDIT: May 2nd, 2019...please go to page 18 if this is your first time reading this thread for a summary of this thread, a TL;DR version if you will...

    Ok, so here is the OFFICIAL thread for crowdfunding to purchase PoxNora. I have an official response from DOG (as lousy as it may be) but at least it is SOMETHING! I want to arrange a meeting with all VERY SERIOUS potential investors for the game soon so that we can come up with a plan of action. I am willing to make a substantial investment IF the community is serious about this project. Please ONLY respond to this thread if you are willing to be a willing candidate in helping to purchase the IP.

    My ideas for reviving PoxNora will be in this thread. Please post ideas surrounding the actual game there. This thread is solely for investors.
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  2. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Here is the discord channel where we will have a meeting.
    I would like all potential investors meet us there when we make a date.
    @Sokolov is invited also.

    We also need to reach out to potential programmers that could fix the game.
  3. Karmavore


    I wouldn't really feel comfortable throwing money at something unless I knew I was going to see the end product, crowdfunding is nice in theory. But the price point I'm assuming they're looking for is more than anyone of all of us combined can give.
  4. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    I have sent Ms. Craten another e-mail asking A) what would be included in the purchase, B) What the last 3 years on income generation has been, and C) If she could put me in the ballpark of a figure to begin negotiations.
    We'll see if she answers.
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  5. Karmavore


    I mean income vs overhead is important too, how much money has PoxNora grossed in actual profits would be better to ask. IMO.
  6. aseryen

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    Count me in
  7. soulmilk

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    I am in
  8. Willow

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    I'm in.
  9. potatonuts

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    I don't exactly have spare funds but I'd like to hang around and see if I can help out at all.
  10. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Well let's face it @Karmavore, if DOG is going to be bullish with it and attempt to milk every cent out of it they can and be unreasonable then this is all in vain anyways. I honestly wouldn't pay more than $50k (as a crowdfunded event) for it as it IS a dead game that they have halted development on. Why in the crap would we ever pay more than that? Ever? And honestly, (I hope they don't read this) personally I wouldn't give them hardly squat. I mean seriously, how much would you pay for a 2007 Porshe that doesn't run?
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  11. Markoth

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    You summoned me?
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  12. Bondman007

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    Sure. You've been pretty quiet so far in this discussion. Where do you stand with all of this? Buy Pox? Let it die? Keep IP and do our own thing? Where are you at?
  13. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I think we lack the necessary information to do anything more than dream or hypothesize at this point. There is a big difference between if it is going to take $50,000 or $1,000,000. As has already been noted we don't know what would be included in such a sale.

    All these points aside I believe it is important to discuss who would have control. Anyone that donates any significant portion of the necessary funds is going to want a say in the direction and development. Just a quick look at the councils of the past goes to show that everyone has very different idea of balance and what direction the game should go in. To be completely honest I believe the best chance for success in any of these potential endeavors would be to let P1 die. Acquire the IP and start over.
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  14. badgerale

    badgerale Warchief of Wrath

    Even then, a group of random people aren't going to be able to do much even if we could agree to what we wanted.

    It needs a genuine group of dedicated, talented, programmers who are willing to graft for nothing until they launch - which they won't if they are simply hired.

    We criticise Gedden, but he is the only reason Pox exists as he put in a ton of work for no reward.

    Even the IP has dubious value now as most of the players from pox's heyday are in their 30s and 40s now and likely barely remember it.
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  15. Vyrnell

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    I would certainly buy into keeping Pox alive, especially if I then earn partial ownership of the IP.

    I would also be willing to work on the back end of Pox voluntarily for ~10 hours per week.
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  16. Morfeas

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  17. Fentum

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    and 50s...
  18. MentalMoles

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    Having worked for DoG for 13 months and leaving just before the PS4 work begun, i'd definitely be able to help with programming patches-expansions etc, but the more expensive client stuff is not my field unfortunately
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  19. Excalibur95

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    not investing if one or a few players have a controlling share and can do as they please and force a direction. this kind of thing should be equal shares equal investments.

    which brings another problem in how to get any concordence or progress from a lot of people with differing ideas.

    also depends on what dog comes up with for a price (best for everything not just ip or art).

    i still dont think it will work, too many problems every way you look at it, but if some skilled people are prepared to work for free in times of need it could work (i know its not ideal nor fair).

    not the end of the world if everyone does not agree...
    people could group up into teams of needed skills, each group seperate and try to fullfill thier groups chosen vision for the game or ip, maybe one or more group would succeed. if the ip was in the players hands this would all be legit.

    cost of running the game, servers etc i think would be negligable, cost of expansions would be an issue.

    i dont think we should look at the game as a source of profit or get rich scheme. i dont believe this game could be financially sustainable if everyone gets paid, expansions cost too much.

    if you close pox 1 you will have almost every past poxnora player hating you, you will not have the old customer base, your ip would then be junk status. poxnora revenue producing model is ancient and imo best left in the past. i dont think people will pay a subscription either. modern f2p games usually rip you the fk off with the in app purchases and is not a desired model to emulate imo. booster packs with random card chances is an awful model. relying on whales not good. collecting should be in reach of every player, so generous rewards for just playing, not a problem having the latest expansion as paid only (in the most part) until the next expansion comes.

    i would like pox 1 to continue. all code rewritten (bugs, bufffs and nerfs would be manageble then). everyone keeps their collection of runes. no runes are deleted, the best thing about this game imo is the variety and number of runes. please - low prices for limited runes especially reskins. i am actually for some limited runes being unique and having no other rarity counterpart, if they are cheap enough then there will be a large supply and even f2p players can trade for them.

    i personally hate reskins that have the same functionality as the original rarity. i hate them even more when dog ask 20 dollars each, id rather pay $1.

    if players want to group up and do something different with the ip, a new game entirely i would be all for that, though keeping pox 1 as a current game to.

    tcg (trading card game) not ccg (collectible card game) - sony pushing for a ccg with every rune having to be bought and no trading was an awful decision, ps pox was doomed to fail.

    focus on trading, have an in house store either paid or player to player rune store.

    android version would be good if you could do it and do it right, not sure the sprites would work well on tablets of all resolution types. potential to take of on android way more than ps.

    open source it like battle for wesnoth, without periodic set expansions, rather fan based content is added now and then, with a team / council that finalize stats, no money paid into game only donations, still a trading card game with only way to earn runes playing.

    social - needs at least the social / chat aspects of previous client, even build on that.
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