Bug Compilation Thread

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    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Bug Compilation Thread

    Welcome to the Bug Compilation thread! Feel free to review the information below.


    Reported - This means that someone is reporting an issue, but I have not seen other reports. If you see this issue, please let us know so that we can confirm it!

    Unconfirmed - Multiple users have noted this issue, however, steps to reproduce may not be available, or is happening randomly.

    Confirmed - Steps have been reproduced, awaiting Green response and/or resolution.

    Acknowledged - Greens have noted the issue and this is now currently a known issue that is being worked on.

    Fixed! - This is no longer an issue and has been fixed!

    Working As Intended - This has been reported to be a bug, but is not actually a bug, and is in fact, working as intended.

    General Gameplay Bugs
    • Tutorial - Cannot proceed past Stage 2 due to no holy mace available to be equipped
    • Tutorial - Cannot proceed through tutorial if you are attempting the tutorial through the Training Grounds arena
    • Tutorial - Completing actions before the prompt can cause stall and/or visual errors
    • Tutorial - Incorrectly states in stage 1 that shrines give 60 nora - source
    • Training Grounds - games are displayed as ranked games.
    • ]Logging in the first time returns a null point error
    • Leaving a game that you are spectating puts you onto a blank arena without the ability to chat
    • Music - doesn't seem to loop
    • Avatars sometimes don't show up
    • Font Capture sounds are extremely loud regardless of settings.
    • * Runes (such as Blink*) are still showing up in packs.

    Champion and Ability Specific Bugs
    • Creep and Crawl breaks the game - Corrupted Sound File breaking the game.
    • "Aim" the ability, breaks the game
    • Dark Healing - does not seem to halve healing or give healing
    • Terrify - Gives a vertical push animation
    • Pox Renovator - Does not have a proper rune image
    • Limited Edition Runes and Legendary Recolors - Ignore mythical interactions - source
    • Boost Mechanic does not stack properly - source
    • Mountain Sentry and Enraged Sentry are different, though they are not supposed to be.
    • Soultapped is not proceeding - Source
    • Ensnared is not lasting long enough - Source
    • Relic Guardian lingers when relics are not removed by destruction - source
    • Augur of the Deep has a redundant upgrade (Bounce - which is a base skill) - Source
    • Swarm and Auras - Units which have a replicating swarm can swarm using auras.

    Spell, Relic, and Equipment Specific Bugs
    • Equipment and spells are not being shown when they are drawn - Results when you scry/draw, it appears as though nothing is drawn.
    • Warbanners cause everything to disappear momentarily Source
    • Electrostratificationized - Does not deal any damage
    • Fire for Effect - Does not apply charred 5, applies charred 3 instead
    • Spore Pox - Does not revert champion back to full HP after spell ends
    • Soul Corruption - Crashes game client.
    • Emergency Provisions loses stat bonuses? - Source

    Lobby Bugs
    • Copied Decks that are then Renamed do not appear in Ranked Queue Battlegroup selection.
    • Can not delete battlegroups through game client.
    • Log outs are not being counted, though logins are, thus the current player count is a bit wonky
    Account and Registration bugs
    • "Authentication could not be completed" - Please make sure you are using your POX NORA in game username, not your SOE login credentials.
    • Resetting passwords don't seem to work - Temporary fix - put in a single number as your password, then when you relog into the website, change your website using the change website function.
    • I did not receive my confirmation email! - If you use Gmail, check your "Promotions" folder.

    Website and Interface bugs
    • Unable to filter legendary and limited edition runes in the Rune Checklist and Rune Forger
    • Unable to change windows while in full screen mode - Temporary fix - Use Windows + D
    • Some battle groups in game are not showing - Temporary fix - Copy and/or remake your battle group.
    • Sometimes when you buy boxes back to back, you only receive 110 runes, usually when you buy a core and an extended set
    • Runes with the same name, such as Harbingers and Renovators only show 1 listing on the Rune Manager, even if you have multiple listings from different factions. In order to add or view each, you need to sort them out by faction.
    • Theme Deck Neuromancy has the wrong name in the marketplace
    • Rune manager, etc. does not log you in automatically when you access them using the client.
    • Website doesn't seem to remember me
    • Clicking "account" on the launcher leads to a bad page
    • Game Chat - When you type using the ellipses "…" text gets cut off afterwards.
    • New Messages are not displaying a new message icon - Source
    • Client - Unable to accept or reject bids using the client browser Source
    • Resetting password is hard
    • Some rune images are missing
    • PMing/Tells in the client sometimes do not work as people are "offline" when they are not - I am not sure, but it may be tied to people going in/out of a game/spectating.
    • Rune Checklist - Split faction runes only showing up in one faction only - In particular, the faction that comes first alphabetically.
    • Battlegrounds matches are appearing in the Training Grounds lobby
    • Training Grounds matches are now appearing in the Battle Grounds lobby
    • Website Quality of Life Fixes - Some have been fixed
    • For Transferred accounts: Pressing the "Campaign" button in the client locks campaigns that were not previously bought. - source

    Other Bugs not yet qualified
    • Vengeful Deck Public Deck is unplayable - States that it does not have enough runes.
    • Untradeable Runes (such as Blink*) appear in boxes - Source
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    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    If you miss the tutorial the first time through and you try to complete it through the Training Grounds, you cannot complete the tutorial

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Rune checklist doesn't allow full filtering Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 2.44.14 PM.png
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    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    A report from one of my friends

    "[3/8/14 2:48:51 PM] SomeoneAwesome: neither is my opponent
    [3/8/14 2:49:29 PM] SomeoneAwesome: things that have been applied so far-
    [3/8/14 2:49:33 PM] SomeoneAwesome: distract, flight, distract
    [3/8/14 2:49:37 PM] SomeoneAwesome: things that have been seen so far
    [3/8/14 2:49:39 PM] SomeoneAwesome: jack Bane Shift
    [3/8/14 2:50:55 PM] SomeoneAwesome: also can't see weaken magic
    [3/8/14 2:51:27 PM] SomeoneAwesome: or scoured or sunder
    [3/8/14 2:51:29 PM] SomeoneAwesome: yeah
    [3/8/14 2:51:37 PM] SomeoneAwesome: conditions in general aren't seen, but do still affect the game
    [3/8/14 2:51:41 PM] SomeoneAwesome: might wanna get looked at"
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  6. Authyrtyr

    Authyrtyr The King of Potatoes

    It tells you to try "holdinging the right mouse button" in the first tutorial.
  7. Fikule

    Fikule I need me some PIE!

    Logging in can cause a NullPointerException. Had this more than once now. Both times it has happened on the first log in after starting the client.
  8. Fikule

    Fikule I need me some PIE!

    Leaving a game I was spectating caused this:


    Could not click any lobby buttons and had to restart.
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  9. Authyrtyr

    Authyrtyr The King of Potatoes

    I don't always draw 2 runes on my turn.
  10. GabrielQ

    GabrielQ I need me some PIE!

  11. GabrielQ

    GabrielQ I need me some PIE!

    I also don't see any conditions and visual effects aren't showing either.
    On the good side, I have sound again!
  12. iamBearsome

    iamBearsome New Member

    Just making sure if it's only me who hit some random key and ended up with that, but no spells nor item show on my rune dock.
  13. Fikule

    Fikule I need me some PIE!

    1. Tooltips in the tutorial aren't working correctly. (Should these be active during the tutorial?)

    2. Collecting nora globes is not mentioned. (might be mentioned later?). I say this because the broken bones drops a globes your guy collects

    3. Completing the tutorial did not unlock the next tutorial. Trying to start the basics tutorial again got my client stuck here trying to load it:
  14. KTCAOP

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    For the last one, that only occurs if you did not complete the tutorial the first time, due to getting stuck on part 2.

    Good point about the Nora Globe.
  15. LorielZior

    LorielZior New Member

    1 - There are no nora globe count;

    2 - No spells or equipments in the rune Dock;

    3 - Second tutorial (how to use spells and other) is not working because of Holy Mace;

    4 - The music only play one time;
  16. Authyrtyr

    Authyrtyr The King of Potatoes

    I just started a game with a 2 card hand.
  17. XFurionsX

    XFurionsX I need me some PIE!

    -If a real champion gets destroyed, all champions blink, like they dissapear and reappear, happened to me in the dailys.
    - shadestrikers "distract" its not working.
    -Ethereal soldier wont go ethereal, lol thats funny, but stays solid and you cant attack.
    -Music stops working, but sounds stay.
  18. Morfeas

    Morfeas I need me some PIE!

    Also, in fullscreen when you go to the Market, the text in the blue thingies on the top right corner is out of place.
  19. Fikule

    Fikule I need me some PIE!

    Boxes (100 packs) do not state that they give Legendaries while packs do.

    Even if they do give legendaries, I would hesitate to buy a box without it mentioning it.
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  20. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    And they may not be giving the right amount of runes. I bought a Core Set Box and a Extended Set box and, together, was given 110 runes (of which 13 were rares, 2 were exotics, and 1 was a legendary). :(

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