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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by voodoov, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

  2. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    If you suggest something that would just remove Boost/Commander/Defender from a champ, it is certainly fine. Or, if Boost getting reworked lately is not likely to affect it super much (or can be replaced by another ability), it'll be ok.
  3. TeaScholar

    TeaScholar Better-Known Member

    A fine suggestion. A few problems.

    - It leaves out the possibility of use against an enemy champ. Simply could be more flexible.
    - It means any non-zombie undead you cast it on will gain disease eater and amp disease, and not gain ZA, which could confuse those who wish to use it to swarm, you would have to cast it on a human, like a witch- so I actually see where you're going with it, though. But if you cast it on Xulos? for that swarm hit? idk

    - One of its benefits is to grant boon in a faction that is getting ready to get rid of boon, or change it completely.
    - It doesn't actually do any damage aside from amp, but amp for cheap can add up over time.

    What about
    Idea 1:

    Plague: 45 nora
    Target friendly champion gains the Zombie Plaguebearer ability (goddamnit I forget the name), and infectious 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 something like that. If not-friendly gains short lived 2 (less OP than doom +more expensive) and infectious 5. It would like a transitional doom, while your normal dooms are on CD.

    Idea 2:
    Plague: 30 nora

    Target champ gains diseased 10. Yes diseased 10. Deal with it. IT'S THE ULTIMATE COUNTDOWN!!! 10! 9! (19) 8! (27) 7! (34) 6! (40) 5! (45) 4! (49) 3! (52) 2! (54) 1! (55) HAPPY NEW YEAR your champ is dead! If friendly, champ gains diseased eater after champ gains diseased 10. So then it's like a full heal.

    @DMrBadguy @BurnPyro
    ...What? It's not OP. Think of it this way- that's a lot of Firking turns. If it's cast to one-round something it's just 10 damage for 30 nora... and then a whole lot more damage if matters persist. That's FW if I've ever heard of it.

    Idea 3:
    Plague 25 nora
    Target champ gains one rank of disease breath, permenantly. perminantly. Oh. That's how you spell it.
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  4. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    So Bonewing, even as a boosting champ would be a good choice?

    Just a quick question sok:
    In the light of quick ability swaps, would you consider the idea to give High Warlock Cast: Repurpose back instead of Ravish (is it still in the database?) ?
    It seems like many of us miss this guy. If you would consider, we can start designing.

    We did some calculations with different % values and lower cd here - middle of the page.
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  5. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    Id say we should stay away from plague beare until festering corpse gets usefull again (aura) :p Also to much abuse potential.
    Just get rid of split Heroes! I want timmeee in my zombie bg :)

    Pls no more Doom. But i really like the idea of multi purpose spells.

    The idea of diseased 10 is nice :) but -a new ability -also would it not cost more than that?

    Also a new ability: How about a pseudo dispel? Transform all positive and negative conditions (rd, stunned) into ranks of diseased. In the light of loosing undead and immunity this could work. 40n?
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  6. Djangoguy

    Djangoguy The King of Potatoes

    This! I think I wasn't much clear on my suggestions, isn't I? :p

    Maybe instead of disease eater it grants rabid 3 and amp?
  7. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Plague - 35 nora

    Target champion becomes Diseased 6, then all champions within 3 spaces of that champion becomes Diseased 5. Then all champions within 3 spaces of those champions becomes Diseased 4. This process repeats, decreasing the DoT by 1 rank for every jump. (Reminder: If a champion would be affected by 2 DoTs, the DoT with the higher rank takes effect.)
  8. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    Ill take that, but would that be balanced? ^^ Sounds like good dmg and utility to me :)
    i think dark skull is already run in some bg´s? iam not sure, but if so, id prefer to touch the stuff that is totaly shoebox.


    Also going back to the plaguebearer idea: i think there is a reason why we never got a new rune with it. If we are ever going to get help in the plaguebearing department, shouldnt that be on a new release?
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  9. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Give Phantasmal Creeper Sever Summons in exchange for his DMG stat. Get some of those hard-counters in FW.
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  10. Djangoguy

    Djangoguy The King of Potatoes

    I feel it is just too much love for creepers, as they are not shoeboxed
  11. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    i quite liked the idea with hex - but maybe he is also one of those canditates that is alredy runnable and shoulnd take a precious buff slot?

    I dont think sok will give out any more sever. Also dreameaters are getting changed. some cool anti summon ability instread of Dreamthingens.
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  12. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    I think Phantasmal needs no change right now. He's an odd duck, but a functional one. My post was in jest.
  13. Djangoguy

    Djangoguy The King of Potatoes

    Dreameater without Dreameater? Firk no.
  14. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    all the ping stuff gets changed, dreameater will just be collateral dmg
    but i look forward to a nice raven tonge like ability. summon -> remains?:p
  15. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    I think you're getting ahead of yourself by trying to focus on pushing 5 champs of specific choosing.
    Sok's going to be looking at the suggestions in general and the ones that have the most merit and fit the design narrative will get picked.

    Unless he specifically says somewhere or has a poll I wouldn't limit yourselves.
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  16. voodoov

    voodoov I need me some PIE!

    We thought we do 10. you think 10 elaborated design proposals is not enugh?

    if we work those out together to fit perfectly into there themes, without beeing op?

    we can do more, but isnt it way better than everyone just spitting out ideas and eventually nerv someone elses playstyle with it?

    My idea is to have an in depth discussion about every voted champ, before proposing the 1-3 versions we think would be cool.
  17. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    Domination Idea: 30 nora
    Target champion gains 3 ap.
    If that champion is possessed it gains an additional 5 ap.
  18. Djangoguy

    Djangoguy The King of Potatoes

    le bump
  19. TeaScholar

    TeaScholar Better-Known Member

    I totally dig your suggestions django.

    Except for Skull of Decay.
  20. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Wait, you want to give Cleric of Unrest Sermon? I think FW should never get Sermon.

    Also, Skull of Decay currently fills a different role than Dark Healing, because it hits passive sources.

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