Assessing Creepers (aka Wurmz!)

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Entrepidus, Aug 18, 2014.

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    Playing worms as though they are a standard BG with standard champs is gonna net a lot of losses. Necrosis champs suck. They suck real bad. Trying to make them work is going to be an exercise in frustration. But, I do think they can win, so long as the BG plays to their strengths: playing a long lock-down game, using their deployment zone for BS positioning, and cheap - if strange - utility. The common/uncommon worms have a surprising amount of natural synergy with Necrosis. Also, run Reaper's Blade. It's a wonder with the new Forage Dusk Creeper, and that plus Essence Drain is a wonder of a gimp.
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    Here are my suggestions.

    In my expirience they work wonders against rush factions like UD, KF.

    They are too dependable on UT and dusk creeper, because you need to deploy every single turn no matter what to have meat on the board, and for that you needs at leat 70 nora each turn.

    Worm lord is sorta of useless, is just situational, you can win a game without dpeloying a worm lord.

    Eye of Serkan is cool, but having surge worm is sorta meh, would be cool if combined with carrion colossus to or martyr with propagate, but no one uses that on martyr and our titan suck balls.

    Would be cool to have another common 60ish rune with 12 damage.

    Basically worms are deploy deploy deploy until martyrs come in to action.

    Sorry for my bad english.
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    Yeah, this is true in my so-far-limited experience. I don't even run Eye or Lords. The Lords are right now too expensive to be safe, consistent deploys.
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    How would you change the Titan?
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    Change Propagate to produce a Carrionling when he uses Torrent. He produces a ton of Carrionlings, but they are just too weak to be a threat. Move Disease Aura 1 from upgrades to base on Carrionling. Aside from that, the biggest component of his cost is his stats. After factoring in the abilities and his size, he's paying 80 nora for his numbers. HP looks like a big culprit. The minor buff to Carrionling, a change to Ravenous Torrent, cutting him down to 6 Spd, 70 HP, and 12 Dmg, and then (perhaps) a manual adjustment down of ~4-6 nora, and I think he would be good to go. Some combination of those, at least, would do him wonders.
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    To expound on the Titan: He should get Necrosis in his upgrades, maybe over Dead Eater. It sucks to decide between a Swarm or a Necro trigger.

    I also think Bloodworm could get some love. He should lose a point of speed, with the appropriate cost change, and have Surge swapped with Multi-Attack. That opens up a wider range of more viable builds.

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