as of now many buffs from spells,runes,abilities,equips are broken

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    awhile ago i posted thread about how razor ice rend was carrying on and becoming permanent if you stacked multiples of it.
    it seems like this is more widespread then i thought.
    many buff spells/actives both limited and from multiple sources stack with each other and become permanent.
    im not even sure how far this spaghetti code goes since im too lazy to test it all out myself but tl;dr.
    you can basically give your self perma buffs from almost anything atm if you have multiple sources of it possibly.
    for example give a unit majestic from favor of the queen.
    now place that unit next to another with star shine.
    now move that unit out of range from starshine.
    congratulations now you have permanent majestic 2 instead of 1.
    and im 100% sure this is just a tip of the iceberg.
    i've only found this bug just from razor ice stacking and majestic&starshine.
    but there's no doubt in my mind this sorta nonsense can be reapplied to many other buffs.
    now i DONT play this game anymore and im lazy af so gl bug hunters and see if you can find how many buffs are broken.
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