Aint No Party Like a Belgian PARTAY!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DarkJello, Dec 29, 2015.

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    Police and soldiers said to have engaged in group sex while Belgian capital was in lockdown.

    December 29, 2015

    Soldiers and police in Brussels held an orgy while their colleagues hunted for terror suspects, according to reports.

    Eight soldiers and two female police officers allegedly engaged in lewd acts at a police station in the neighborhood of Ganshoren, just north of Molenbeek, where officers were hunting for suspects in connection with the November 13 Paris attacks, Belgian media outlets
    La Dernière Heure and De Standaard reported Tuesday. Brussels was on lockdown at the time of the alleged incident.
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    the real reason bp wants to join the police force t b h
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    Yeah I heard there's a systemic trend of parties in the police/army in Belgium, it's been going on for years and has roots tracing back hundreds of years. It's like, everywhere

    Oh wait

    It's a one time thing, that should be looked into mind you, that someone posted because he was butthurt. Petty attempts, petty people.
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    I actually thought it was pretty funny. We all know this kind of thing happens everywhere. Authorities are investigating the matter, which is as it should be.

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    That's sad, but to be fair its not like the Belgian military is known for its discipline, They surrendered in only 18 days of fighting in ww2 and had to wait till the allies who had well disciplined armies and could actually win a fight came and saved them from their poor decisions and weakness. Heck the Belgians even let the SS recruit there but the allies saved em anyway, fascinating history if you ever get a chance to read up on it. That sort of thing really has an effect on their modern military since its only been like 70 some years since the allies saved their country for them. Hopefully they can turn things around at some point but it can take a long time to overcome a roflstomp.
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    Yeah if only that small Belgian army would have been able to stop the efficient war machine that was **** Germany :rolleyes:

    By all means, the Belgian military is quite small and far from proficient. But I don't know it's because of a lack of discipline. Lack of political unity certainly didn't help. Belgium doesn't have a history of caring much for military, aside from the F-16 that we're supposed to be known for. They're trying to turn it around now, as I gather, by trying to make the whole thing more efficient and modern. But who knows, there's not really a culture of signing up for the military, let alone caring about it at all, around here.

    Nasi is censored? How utterly idiotic.
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    I give Western Europe a LOT of slack in WW 2, since they had recently endured GAWDAWFUL warfare on their soil in WW 1.

    If the US of A had witnessed the gory demise of a generation of peeps and the omnipresent terror of WW 1 in their very fields, towns, and homes... there may NOT have been any will to fight the brutal armies of Germany and Italy and Japan et al. But, as fortune would have it, the American people never experienced such horror and we were able to assist many allies all over the globe in beating down the fascist and imperial forces of very formidable nations.

    History is uber interesting. I hope and pray we will use it to gain wisdom, and not as an excuse for ever more fighting.

    On Topic:

    It sure seems like Belgium has done well in the battle against Islamist supremacists. I call that a win. The fact that 10 civil servants went au naturel too, is a nice BONus.
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    Bravo Belgium!

    December 30, 2015

    VISE, Belgium - Throughout history, borders have caused unfathomable bloodshed, ageless feuds and decades-old legal disputes, which makes plans for a friendly exchange of land between the Netherlands and Belgium all the more remarkable.

    The reason for such magnanimity? "Because it makes sense to do so," says Marcel Neven, the mayor of Vise, Belgium.

    Well, that and perhaps a little help from a headless body.

    While Belgium will be losing a splendid piece of nature that juts into the Meuse River dividing the two nations, it will also unburden itself of a jurisdictional nightmare that developed over time as the river meandered to turn the portion of land belonging to Belgium — about 15 soccer fields worth — into a peninsula linked only to the Netherlands.

    Over time, the area was rumoured to be increasingly lawless, a haven for drug dealers and illicit sexual escapades. Then, some three years ago, passersby stumbled onto a headless body. "They alerted Dutch authorities, who told them it was Belgian territory," said Jean-Francois Duchesne, police Commissaire of the Lower Meuse region.

    In short, the Dutch could not go there because it was Belgian territory, and Belgian police and judicial authorities found it extremely tough to get there. They are not allowed to cross into the Netherlands without special permission and the peninsula had no proper landing zone for boats or equipment coming in by water.
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    seems like they are the source of most muslim extremists, also pun doesn't work because Dutch speaking part of belgium, nice try.

    and all it took was 1 decapitated body.
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    That sounds like Belgium just lost its best party place! if someone says hey there is this lawless area that the government cant get to, my first instinct is lets go check it out lol
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    you're the decapitated body?
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    I'll take orgies over civil forfeiture any day.
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