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    Dryad Matriarch (KF)

    Race: Plant, Treefolk
    Class: Shaman
    Size: Small

    DMG: 11
    SPD: 6
    RNG: 1-1
    DEF: 1
    HP: 51

    Cost: ~72

    Attack: Psychic
    Majestic 2

    U1: Paralyze (Default), Flourish, Charm 3
    U2: Grand Entrance (Default), Amp: Psychic, Sabotage: Psychic

    Salaman Templar (FS)

    Race: Salaman
    Class: Knight
    Size: Small

    DMG: 12
    SPD: 6
    RNG: 1-1
    DEF: 2
    HP: 56

    Cost: ~74

    Attack: Electricity
    Scale Armor

    U1: Catalyst: Electricity (Default), Ponderous Blows, Damage Shield: Elect 3
    U2: Provison: Defense (Default), Empowered: Defense, Blockade

    Arrow Saint (IS/KF)

    Race: Angel
    Class: Archer
    Size: Small

    DMG: 10
    SPD: 6
    RNG: 4-5
    DEF: 1
    HP: 44

    Cost: ~81

    Attack: Arrow
    Holdthe Line

    U1: Command: Dodge (Default), Dodge 1, Shroud
    U2: Imbue: Stun (Default), Illumninate, Mark of Al'mara

    Frostwing Tempest (ST)

    Race: Jakei
    Class: Ranger
    Size: Small

    DMG: 12
    SPD: 6
    RNG: 1-1
    DEF: 2
    HP: 48

    Cost: ~73

    Attack: Electricity
    Arctic Flight
    Spur (This champion has +2 DMG and +1 SPD for each opposing champion within 3 spaces) (This is +1 DMG per champ but nerfed 1 tile AE)

    U1: Initiator (Default), Stun, Cull
    U2: Glorious Leap (Default), Dodge 1, Scrapper
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    What could have been

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