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Discussion in 'Underdepths' started by Authyrtyr, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Coltsfan3

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  2. gamengamenut

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    got void spider from the 8000 gold pack, was wondering whats the verdict on him. He worth running?
  3. Gnomes

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    he is solid, a good choice for the arachnablade because he has 3 range and is not so dquishy with 50hp and void shield, so he can use it longer. just walk in tap and walk out.

    looks good! i personally do not like soulcrawler and nightfall, because they are so squishy, but with beast caller they are a bit better. some notable mentions are flameweb, instead of helltick. i just like him more for alt dmg,pounce,and 3 armour with damage shield.
    also you could use a bloodletter if you like, it also has anti stealth just like soul crawler. but he has precision which can counter a lot of nasty things :D
  4. Coltsfan3

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    I will look into flameweb for sure. as for detection, the grundelwulf pup from beastcaller has detection, and i already have 2 pings, so i think i am covered there.
  5. Authyrtyr

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    Hey guys, so... there's not enough room (image upload wise) for Boarspider in the champs section. Any thoughts on how to squeeze him into the guide?
  6. Gnomes

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    just resize the picture?

    use snipping tool and resize.

    but how do you like him? atm he is race beast though...
  7. davre

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    You could always c/p the guide and restart the thread with a few extra blank posts at the beginning.

    Also, goblin archer will always be an honourary spider.
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  8. Authyrtyr

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    I mean, he's reasonably cheap, can have 5 DEF and has arrow eater. My initial impression is that he's good. He definitely should be race arthropod, I'm hoping someone important responds to the other thread I made about that topic.

    The issue isn't the image size by the way, it's that you can only have 10 images per post.
    That might be what happens but I don't particularly want to re-upload each image. *sigh*
  9. OriginalG1

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    Dose he gain any additional benefits for being an arthropod? He dose have creep'n crawl to base
  10. Burcho

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    superiority and surge are benefits
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  11. Authyrtyr

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    Sokolov replied to my thread, they're fixing it.
  12. TeaNinja

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    I don't remember so many spiders having classes, but a lot of spiders are rouges and a couple rangers. Cloak of Long Knives is a great addition to most spider decks. Especially Albino Kapito (lethal poison+shadowstrike+hit and run) and Trap Spider (shadowstrike+ambush).
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  13. SireofSuns

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    Classless champions can be kinda frustrating to have around now, even when it makes sense.
  14. saromon50

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    Just curious if there are plans to update the spider guide with the recent patch?
  15. Tweek516

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    Spiders seem strong now.
  16. TeaNinja

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    They are not much better than before, Seismic Leap is nice but often Entangle is still better because they lack range and it will do more single target damage since it is based off users damage.
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  17. SireofSuns

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    True, yes, but with the ranged meta taking some hits, they should do a good bit better.
  18. OriginalG1

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    have had some luck with this. thinking about using breath of ash over one boundless enthusiasm. could really use dark pact too. demonoligist is great in here!
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  19. OriginalG1

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    goblin archer fits better theme wise with archnablade plus encourage damage gets high. dropped cauldron when i dropped gimmic. going to try tests with breath of ash and dark pact
  20. K1hno

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