A fun deck for cool people ( IS split).

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    It's similar to Zeya's combo but more single-minded. Give yourself 10-12 spaces and ~150n and you too can kill a shrine.
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    Just out of curiosity how does this work? I don't recognize half the runes or have any idea what the combo is
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    looks like it's a mega-shrine-rush deck

    I think I'm in love
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    Just like Zeya's combo (and centaur skirmisher deck before that), it relies on blitz to massively amp a single champ's damage up (30-50 damage) and then attack the shrine from far away. SL can do with easily with skithmaw hunter (blitz champ) and utility spells that they are probably packing anyway in transfusion and quicken. With that combo, you can park the skithmaw hunter 20-30 spaces away, save up nora, and position your other units in such a way that you can pull off a double transfusion to move your champ 30 spaces toward the shrine and hit it a few times.

    SP has received 3 utility runes in the last few expansions that have given it the same toolset, but it doesn't seem like anybody is aware of it.

    Ionization: grants any lightning champ blitz and +2 ap for 30 nora. The essential enabler, this turns any lightning champ into the skithmaw equivalent.

    Bait and switch: swaps ap and position of 2 friendly champs within 6 spaces of one another, sound familiar? This actually isn't the heart of the combo, but could be used to give a meta SP deck a shrine kill option. I have made a meta SP deck that can do this but I am going to wait until FFSP isn't the top deck anymore before I play it.

    Betrayal: this is such a sleeper, and I am amazed that it has existed for 3 expansions and I have never seen an SP player run it. 30 nora quicken. Yes, there is a catch to it but people are vastly overestimating that catch. It's the same as FS players not running that spot pacify equip because they see the repurcussions of it getting shattered before they consider that shutting down your opponent for a turn out of nowhere wins games. This is the same thing: a 30 nora doublehit from a champ of your choosing can win a side font or end a battle, and the drawback of having a random opponent also get a double attack on their turn (in a situation that they do not choose and with the equip transferring back to you afterward) is not severe if you play it right.
    This deck plays it right, because your opponent never gets to have one of their champs randomly double attack.

    Now, I am talking up the new SP runes, but the deck is split with IS, what's up with that?
    That's where the golden compass comes in. It operates similar to blitz but it isn't blitz, so if you equip this and move toward the shrine you get 2 stacks of +1 damage per space. So you don't need to move 25 spaces to get up to 35 damage (the amount you need to kill a shrine in 4 hits), you can do it in 12. And you don't need a specific champ to do it, it just needs to be have attack: lightning. Heck, it doesn't even have to have attack: lightning if you save up for an extra turn and cast ionization twice. It also doesn't have to be a melee champ (and this deck is a bit underdeveloped in that regard).

    So the main combo is: lightning champ, golden compass, ionization, <<<AP GEN HERE>>>, disarm, betrayal, betrayal for 4 hits on the shrine.
    There is actually a ton of room to play with here where you could use more AP gen and only one betrayal or possibly go all AP gen and no betrayal at all. Lots of room to be explored and I hope I get to do this before something is nerfed.

    You can see that this combo relies on 3 pieces of equipment, which is where armory comes in. If you only use those 3 pieces, armory doesn't quite pay for itself (-1 nora vs. not deploying it) but the reveals are huge. More equipment in the deck means your more reveals, which means more consistency in finding the pieces for when you need them. In AI skirmishes, I can kill a shrine (they only have 75 hp but I make sure I can overkill as if it was a 93hp avatar) by turn 12 or 14 consistently, and occasionally do it on turn 10. This can translate very well into PvP depending on the map (the new FW map is amazing for this since you get 2 fonts without having to fight and you deploy closer to his shrine than to midfont, but is awful in nora glades where everything is so spread out and you are threatening from a vulnerable spot in the middle of the map).

    There is a lot of wiggle room for your champions since all you really need is attack: electricity, but Rupture Alpha is such a perfect fit that I'm pretty sure the developers built him with this deck in mind. Not only does he have an electric attack, but he also has 2! sources of built in AP generation in fuel rage and exertion, built in protection from being one-rounded in the early game, and escalation (which you may or may not need since movement is your main source of damage, but it's a nice little bonus). Perfect champ.

    The second champion that helps is carrier squire. He is not essential, but he is really great. Action potion is a better version of invigorate where your support champ doesn't have to be nearby to get the AP, he could even have been killed a few turns earlier since you don't have to drink the potion on the same turn. It's beautiful. The second thing he does is holy armaments, where any paladin, shaman, or priest gets a damage bonus and some extra AP each time they equip a weapon (the damage doesn't stack though and the first AP gain typically doesn't since you are usually equipping with full AP). So with this guy, you are looking to fill out your deck with shamans or paladins with electric attacks, since any of the can be used to get the kill.

    Things like the bird and sonic elemental and spirit of the mountain aren't necessary but can be helpful. Everybody knows that SotM is OP so you're better off sticking him in here, but the other guys can easily be replaced. There is still a lot of room to improve the deck, and I am certain that the core can be incorporated into meta SP (though it would need a lot more setup since you don't have access to the compass).

    It's pretty fun, possibly OP, and will definitely make people mad.
    Stay safe.
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